December 18, 2011

Tiny Tot School - ping pong balls

Tot School
Kyla is 11 months

Our first week of Tiny Tot School has come and gone!  It was a great week and Kyla had lots of fun!

I decided we would do Tot School in the basement because there are a lot less distractions down there.  I hope to get a little spot in the toy room for school soon.  And I'm hoping to get a little table and chairs for her too when she's old enough to sit in them.

I did, however, delete a bunch of pictures from my camera because I thought I had already uploaded them to my computer.  So I don't have any pictures from our second day.  Bummer!

This week she explored ping pong balls.

The first day I had a cleaned out formula can.  We practiced taking the balls out.  I also showed her how to put the balls back in the can, but she's not quite there yet.  She was a little hesitant to reach her arm in there at first.

But after I modeled how to get the balls out, she quickly started taking them all out, one at a time!

Then I put the lid on, which I had earlier cut a hole in it big enough for the balls to fit through.  I modeled how to put the balls into the hole.  She was interested when I put the balls in the hole, but she was not able to do this yet.  She LOVED this can though so we will definitely bring it out again.

She did love to shake it and make lots of noise!

The first day she did great!  We sat there and explored the balls and can for about 10 minutes.  And then, I knew it was time to be done for the day...

The bathroom vanity and sink that will hopefully be going in this week

The second day is the day I lost all the pictures from.  I got out a cupcake pan and put one ball in each spot.  And like I expected, she took every single one out.  One at a time!  She would take one out, look at it, possibly try to eat it, and then throw if off to the side and get another one out.  I talked to her about putting them back in their spots, but she wasn't able to do that.

The next day I got this tray out to explore the balls rolling around on it.  I didn't think she would be that interested, but to my surprise, she loved it.  I would swirl a ball around on it and she took the tray from me and did it too! 

She liked to put her hand on top of the ball and make it spin.

She then flipped the tray over and starting banging on it.  My daughter likes to make noise.  :-)

I got a little basket out to continue practicing putting "in" and taking "out".  She has the taking out part down!

Of course I had to practice shooting them into the basket.  Gotta start her young (Tyler and I both played basketball)!  She didn't shoot any this time, but she liked watching Momma shoot!  And I made them all by the way.  Those other ones on the floor were there already ;)

Don't mind the baseboards along the walls.  They are being put on tomorrow!

Of course we got the can out one last time for the week.  She dove right in!

 Our favorite books this week...

Kyla loves the Touch & Feel Adventure book.  She likes to touch the monkey's belly.  We also like reading Daddy's Home! when we know Daddy's on his way home from work.  She gets so excited!

What a fun week we had!  Each day was only about 10-15 minutes.  The goal this week was really to get her introduced to this new, special time with Mom each day and to explore some new activities.


  1. Looks like a super fun week! I bet Brielle would love that stuff too!


  2. Tot school sounds awesome! I'll have to share it with the girls at work for some lesson plan ideas :)

  3. How fun I need to do this with my girls. Looks like she had a fun week