December 29, 2011

First Mrs. Mommy video

Remember how I told you I got a Sony Bloggie for Christmas and I'd post a video soon?  Oh, and remember how I was asking about sippy cups because Kyla doesn't know how to use them yet?  Well, I got this one free with my coupons and I decided to let her try it out tonight.  To my surprise, she drank right from the straw like she's been doing it all her life!  She almost drank the whole cup of water!  I think she surprised herself too!

I love how she kept having to look up at Daddy.  I feel much better now about the transition from formula to milk!  She just wasn't getting the hang of tipping the cup back so this one is perfect because she doesn't have to.  I'm just surprised she knew how to suck the straw right away!

Now that I finally figured out (I think) how to upload videos, I will try to post them once in awhile.  Actually it's not the uploading to my blog part, it's the saving them to my computer part.  Anyway, we'll see if this one works first :-)  It worked for me when I played it.  Can you guys let me know if it works?  Haha, not the most technically savvy blogger...

And here are a bunch of pictures of us playing since I know all of you come here to see Kyla, not listen to me ramble...

Playing with her new fridge farm

Trying out our new snow pants.  $4 clearance at Target!

She found some plastic cups in one of the cupboards and they are her new favorite toy!

More time with the fridge farm...we are working on animals and their sounds this week for Tiny Tot School!

On a completely random change of subject...anyone have any good chicken recipes?  We eat chicken so much, but I need a few new recipes.  Tonight we had a new hash brown recipe I created (they are amazing by the way) and green beans.  Kyla went to town on the green beans.  And she loved the potatoes too.  Comment with a good chicken recipe if you have one.  Please and thank you!  :-)

Tomorrow is an exciting day.  The plumber is coming to finish up the bathroom in the basement and our couch is being delivered.  We still have a recliner coming, but that won't be here until mid-January.

The best part of my day was watching Kyla learn how to suck out of her new cup.  And watching her dance to her Mickey Mouse music toy.  She's just too stinking cute!


  1. Love the snow pants. Maybe tomorrow she can try them out with her new sled!!!

  2. Love the movie and pictures! I'm annoyed now too, b/c those are the same snow pants I got my girls, only I paid like $12 full price! I was sure we'd need them right away to play in the snow, and of course now we've only had one tiny bit of snow all year that stayed around for about 1 hour LOL. Guess I should have waited!

  3. Love the video! She's such a cutie!

    My mother-in-law just made this chicken recipe & it was delicious!

  4. You may have already tried this, but I like to get boneless/skinless chicken breasts out in the morning and put them in a big plastic bag with Italian dressing. Let them sit in the fridge. Then just fry them in a pan and serve with rice. They are soo juicy and delicious!