December 21, 2011

One step at a time

Kyla and I picked up my mom today and went over to visit my grandma.  We had a great visit and Kyla showed off for us!  She was standing up holding onto my grandma's walker and all of a sudden she let go and took a few steps toward me!  She hasn't really attempted walking since that one day I posted she took four steps.  She then did it several times today.  She would let go of the walker, couch or table and stand on her own for a little bit and then try to take a few steps.  She usually tumbled over after two or three steps, but we were all so excited!  I tried to get her to do it for Daddy tonight, but no luck.  She doesn't do well on command.

My mom has this book that plays music and "snows" and Kyla was absolutely mesmerized by it.

Grandma Barb giving Kyla a snack

And Kyla helping me send an email
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  1. That book is so cool!!! Love Kyla's outfit too.


  2. She was showing off for Karen and Barb :)