December 20, 2011

Officially ready for Christmas!

I'm apologizing ahead of time for the extremely short and boring post you are about to read.  I'm exhausted, but couldn't go two days without blogging so a quick one will have to do.

I told you I'd show you the bathroom floor so here it is...

We started putting the tile down at 10:30 Monday night.  I did most of the grouting while Tyler and my step dad were putting the baseboards on yesterday.  We are SO close to having this basement finished.  The plumber is coming at the end of the week to put the toilet and vanity in.  Then they will put the baseboards in the bathroom.  And then the electrician just needs to come back to put the vanity lights in and the hallway light.  And then it's just little things like closet shelving and stuff.

I'm so excited to have Kyla's birthday party down there!

Tyler took yesterday and today off.  Yesterday was basement work and today we finally got all of our Christmas shopping done.  I love shopping for other people and everything about Christmas.  Except wrapping presents.  I know a lot of people that love it.  Am I the only one that thinks it's really annoying?  But I do love watching people open them so it's all worth it!

I swear my almost one year old is going through her terrible two's right now.  She was seriously into EVERYTHING today!  And she was just so feisty!  I guess it's kind of my fault because she missed her afternoon nap for shopping.  She was an awesome shopper though!  She has been taking 3-hour afternoon naps so for her to only get a little bit in the car...not a good situation.

Lastly tonight, don't forget about my giveaway!  It ends at noon tomorrow.  It's pretty simple to enter and takes less than 2 minutes.  And who doesn't love free stuff?  I have so many cute products to give away!

The best part of my day was doing a family team huddle and Kyla thinking it was hilarious.  Tyler and I both put our hands in and got Kyla to put hers in.  We counted to three and said "Kattre"!  Yes, we are huge dorks.  But Kyla loves her dorky parents.

Ok, now go enter my giveaway!


  1. Bathroom is looking great! Can't wait to see the finished project!

  2. Love the tile!

    I despise wrapping presents. This year I bought boxes that are already printed with a holiday picture on top, and everything that fits in one of those gets "wrapped" in one haha. Totally the lazy way out but I don't care! Still have to wrap all the presents for the girls....will probably put that off until the last minute LOL


  3. Your bathroom is looking great!!! We are currently putting flooring in our Kitchen and bath...I totally feel your pain!

  4. oh my dear... K is NOT going through her terrible 2's yet. You have nO idea. When it hits... when it REALLY hits, you'll know! The 2's are terrible because they're not only IN everything but also talking back, telling you NO and sassing you. Kyla is just a pre-toddler... it gets worse, much worse. LOL.
    At least your bathroom looks good!