December 8, 2011


What movie?  

Kyla's latest thing is to imitate everything we do or say.  Gianna was over today and has a cold so she was coughing a little bit.  She'd cough and then Kyla would look right at her and give a little pathetic, fake cough.  Every. Single. Time.  She thinks she's pretty funny too.  You can just see it in her eyes.

My mom, step dad and aunt Sharon were up in Madison today because my grandma was having surgery.  So Kyla, Gianna and I met them at the mall.  We were just getting packed up to go waste some time at Toys R Us when they called to see if we wanted to meet them.  Perfect timing!  Gianna was sleeping when we got back so I carried her in and put her on the couch.  And there she slept for almost an hour.  Jacket and shoes still on!

And my other little one was wide awake and didn't want to take ANY naps today!  And then she was ready for bed at 6:30 tonight!

She was reading a book to Gianna...

And pulling at her shoes, kissing/licking her hands, singing to her.  Gianna slept through it all!

The best part of my day was playing ball with Gianna in the living room.  I was making it bounce once on the way to her so she could catch it off the bounce.  She couldn't catch it, couldn't catch it.  And all of a sudden, she caught one and I screamed and clapped.  She yelled "YEAH BABY, TEAMWORK!"  It was absolutely adorable!  I laugh every time I think about it.

And now, in true scatter brain fashion...Who needs a new lunch bag?  Need a cute tote for your kids' snacks?  I have a great deal with Thirty-One going on right now!  The thermal totes are on sale for only $10!  And we now have new cinch top thermals on sale for $15.  They are my new favorite!  There are some new patterns too!

I'm taking pre-orders right now for this sale and will be putting the orders in Tuesday, December 13th.  You can ask around and try to get some orders from friends and relatives.  The best part?  If you buy/sell 5, you get the 6th one FREE!  This is a one time deal so stock up for birthday gifts, etc.

Here a few of the $10 thermal totes I have on hand, but there are many more patterns to choose from (these can be personalized for an extra $7)...

Windsor Bouquet

Paparazzi Dot

Cupcakes (I love this one!)
Back of the Cupcake one :)

And here's a picture of one of the new cinch top thermals...

Leave a comment with any questions and your email so I can answer them :)  Or email me at  I can send you a copy of the flier that shows all of the patterns.  PLUS...Get your orders in early, by this Saturday, and I have an extra special for you!

And for all kinds of good info and great specials, join my Facebook group:

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  1. The cupcake pattern is adorable! Love it! Might have to order that one since I have a thermal tote for Linden (but it says ULA) and it is a boy pattern. Lola needs a girl pattern! HA


  2. Love the fake cough! I have a little one who does that when she wants to be picked up! :)

  3. Keira has been doing the same thing & kaylee still likes to mimic things we do. How cute Kyla reading Gianna the book while she slept