December 6, 2011

Kyla's first play date

One of my favorite blogger friends, Shawna, had such a great post today!  I told her I was just going to link up with her and say "Ditto".  Check out her post here.

This is my favorite part...

"I have to try and remember not to constantly try and "one up" all the other moms....instead I need to focus on enjoying my own kids...and sure, I *love* sharing the great things from our day, the fun projects we do, and all the blessings of my life! But on those ordinary days? Well, I'm not going to make up stuff just to look like a "cool" mom blogger---I'm going to remember that the common things in life are super cool too :-)"

Isn't that the truth?  I always feel like such a boring blogger because our days usually consist of breakfast, playing, nap, playing, lunch, playing, nap, playing, dinner, playing, bath, story time, bedtime.  Not very exciting.  But I try to remind myself that I blog for me.  I blog because I need a way to express myself.  A way to get all my thoughts and feelings out.  And I blog for Kyla.  So she can look back at this some day.  She can see that although we had a lot of boring, ordinary days, we had a lot of fun too! 

So here's our ordinary day...

Our neighbors, Erin and Stuart, have a little boy two months older than Kyla.  So Erin and I decided to start having play dates every Tuesday.  Her and Dean came over this morning for about an hour.  I didn't take pictures because I'm just getting to know them and didn't want to be that mom.  And I'm not sure if she'd want me to post pictures on here anyway.  I'll figure all that out later :)  Anyway, they played for about an hour and Erin and I gossiped.  It was SO nice!  But let me tell you about my feisty little red headed baby...

She had just woken up a little bit before they came over so at first she was a little shy and just watched Dean.  And then she realized that he was playing with her toys and she wasn't sure about that.  Neither one of them really liked to share.  They both wanted the same toy at the same time.  Of course.  But Dean is a pretty laid back little boy and just kinda sits and plays.  Not my little girl!  She has an attention span of about 3 seconds.  She was all over the place, including crawling on Erin, grabbing Dean's feet, and yes, pulling his hair.  She only got a hold of it good one time, but she didn't want to let go.  And she tried grabbing it a few other times, but this Momma is too quick!  She will learn.  It will be so good for her to play with him each week and learn to share and how to play nice.  I'm starting to learn first hand what they say about red heads!

On a completely different note, I realized today that going to the post office is a big chore!  They should have drive through post offices.  Not the mailboxes that you can just throw your mail in, but a window where you can pull up with your packages, they can weigh them, you pay the postage, and off you go!  I go to the post office at least once a week, if not more.  When it's nice out, it's easy.  I put Kyla in the stroller, the packages in the bottom basket, and off we go!  Now that it's cold though, it's difficult.  Baby in one arm, packages in another if I can carry them all.  Luckily the guys there know me really well by now so they are really helpful and they always love seeing Kyla.  I can't imagine doing this with two little ones.  It wouldn't be bad once in awhile, but every week gets to be a little much.  You'd think I'd have it mastered by now, right?  Oh well!

Thanks for sharing this quote, Shawna!  I needed this today :)

The best part of my day today was turning on Christmas music while Kyla and I ate lunch.  We danced.  We sang.  We laughed.  I love Christmas music!  And I love my baby, who, by the way, is almost 11 months!  Which means she is almost *not* a baby anymore :(

What was the best part of your day (ordinary or extraordinary)?  :)


  1. OMG, I am WITH YOU on the post office thing. They TOTALLY need a drive thru. And once you have TWO kids, it's not even worth going. It takes me longer getting them in and out of the car than it actually takes me to do what it is I need to do. Where can we petition for a drive thru? I'll sign it, for sure!

  2. funny you posted this, as I have been thinking it may be fun to get Max and Kyla together once in a while as Max doesn't have anyone his age to play with, and I would like him to learn some social skills :) Maybe an afternoon here or there while Elijah is in school in the afternoon. Let me know what you think, Max and I would love to stop by.

  3. Glad you liked my (rambling) post today! And seriously, I'm all for the drive through post office! I go about every 2-3 days with both kids to mail Etsy orders--yikes! Raya loves it though---she thinks it's the coolest thing to mail something there lol