December 27, 2011

Lazy days

I have to admit how extremely non-productive I was today.  Some (Tyler) would call it lazy, but I call it non-productive.  Kyla and I stayed in our pj's all morning and didn't get out of the house until 3:00 when we went to the bank and to the village hall.  We had a fun day of playing though.  Her favorite things today were her new puzzles.  She would pick a piece out and I would tell her what it was.  She'd throw that one off to the side and grab another one.  It was so cute!

She didn't take a morning nap, but then took a three hour afternoon nap.  I am not quite used to her not taking the morning nap, but I can definitely get used to the long afternoon one.  You'd think I would have been productive then, right?  Nope.  Not today.  I feel like I still have a holiday hangover.  Oh well.  Tomorrow will be better.  Yep!

Tomorrow we are going to start a new week of Tiny Tot School.  I didn't plan anything last week with all the last minute holiday stuff going on.  Some people apparently were talking crap about me doing Tot School with Kyla.  And that's fine.  I always title it "Tot School" so feel free to ignore those posts if you think I'm stupid.  I don't write this blog to appease you.  So poop on you!  Yes, I said poop on YOU!  And if you read my blog to talk crap to others, get a life!

Ok, sorry about that.  I am usually not a negative person.  Just had to get that out there.  Thanks for understanding!  :-)

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The best part of my day was listening to Kyla laugh and laugh when I did the "little piggies" with her toes.  She loves it!  It's the little things that make me smile.  I am one lucky lady!

Sorry, no pictures today.  Tomorrow.  I promise!

What was the best part of YOUR day?  Leave me a comment and share!  :-)


  1. You'll have to let me know if you come across any art projects for Kyla, I'm having a hard time incorporating art with my babies.

    And the best part of my day? Stealing Kyla's cute touchdown dance and teaching it to one of the babies at work (he's a couple of weeks younger than Kyla, I believe) :)

  2. Well I can guarantee that the people talking trash about your tot school are just jealous because they are too lazy/unorganized to do it themselves and wish they could! Seriously, people need to worry about themselves--geesh.

    The best part of my day was spending most of it in my footie pjs---yes, I said footie pjs! Lee got them for me for Christmas so he can't even make fun of me for them LOL. They are onepiece footies with a hood! So sexy. I'm sure Tyler will be running out to find you some too if he hears about them. Every guys dream :-)

  3. I think your tiny tot school is such a cute idea! The best part of my day was feeling the baby move for the first time...

  4. Amy I think you are an awesome mom and your Tiny Tots School is proof. Your life is so organized and the school is a reflection of that. It's all the educational play things that moms think and want to do, but don't ever do it. The school concept is one way to get that done. When Kyla is one of the brightest students we will think back and realize you got it right. (or maybe the genes from her mom and dad). Anyway, I admire everything you do as a mother!
    Love ya-Sharon