December 16, 2011

First steps?

Kyla took four steps tonight.  Well, kind of.  Let me explain...

She was acting like a crazy girl this afternoon before Tyler got home from work.  She would crawl as fast as she could to the couch or loveseat, pull herself up, let go and take off like a bat out of hell.  Most times she would take one step and then fall over.  Face first.  Into the carpet.  But it didn't phase her.  She got up and did it again.  And again.  And then one time she took four steps!

I'm not sure if I should call them her first "real" steps because to be honest, it looked like more of an accident than anything.  But it was still awesome.  I clapped and screamed and she just giggled.

It wasn't even really walking.  It was like running like a crazy woman with not a lot of balance.  It was so funny!

It was definitely the best part of my day.  I just love the fact that she is so brave.  She still isn't even really standing on her own for more than a few seconds so I think her first "real" steps will be awhile yet.  She is walking a ton along the furniture and from one thing to another.  I guess she just wanted to see what would happen if she just went for it.  I like the bravery and determination!

I actually took quite a few pictures today, but this is the only decent one...

And then there's this one where she's about to put her foot in her mouth...

Moved on from the drawers to the cupboards. 

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Have a great weekend!


  1. Yay for first steps. It feels like once they take those first steps there growing more & more into a toddler & not a baby anymore :0(

  2. I think they count as first steps! =)