December 18, 2011

Sippy cups - I share a deal, you share advice?

Don't miss my first Tiny Tot School post that I just posted earlier tonight.  You can read it here.

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And I have to share a great deal I found today on Money Saving Mom.

Get one of these Playtex Spill-Proof Cup FREE at Target...

Here's how:
Use the $2 off Target coupon.
Stack with $2 off Playtex coupon (the coupon will arrive via email within a couple hours of signing up).

Money Saving Mom said you can get it for only $0.39.  But when I went to Target today, I was pleasantly surprised to see it on sale for $3.99 so I got it free!  Oh yeah!  Actually, my Target had them buy one get one 50% off too.  You can print the Target coupon twice so I should have gotten a second one for $1.  But I didn't know about the sale.  Bummer!  But you do, so print it twice and hopefully your Target has them on sale too!  I'm a sippy cup beginner so I have no clue if these cups are any good, but whatever, it was free!  Kyla has enough cups for now so I'll save it for when she needs a new, exciting cup.  Haha.  Even for $0.39, it's a great deal.

Speaking of sippy cups, I have a question for all you experienced mom's out there.  Should I be worried if Kyla isn't really using a sippy cup yet.  She loves to play with it, but doesn't get the whole tipping it back part.  And when I tip it back for her, I don't think she's sucking out of it.  Do you guys put formula in a sippy cup?  I've just been putting a little water in there to try to get her to start learning how to use it.  I'm just worried it is going to be really hard to get rid of the bottle when the time comes.  But maybe she'll figure it out when she needs to.  I really have no clue.  Any advice is appreciated!  :)

Now I must go back downstairs and relieve my husband of the grout duty.  We have been tiling our bathroom floor this weekend.  I told him I needed a break from the grouting so he took over.  I think my "break" is over, haha.  I will post pictures of the finished product tomorrow!

The best part of my day today was that Kyla started giving kisses!  Wet, sloppy, open-mouthed kisses.  And Daddy and I love them!


  1. I know its been a while since my kids did the sippy cup thing. I got some great advice from my doctor. He said never put formula in a sippy cup and never put milk in a bottle. Kids tend to like milk better, so its easier to make the switch. Don't worry about her not 'getting' the cup, she will figure it out.

    My older kids just used the tupperware-type cups with lids, not the kid they had to suck on. Seems like Aaron did better with a little cup, no lid,and just a small amount of liquid.Jill loved to carry her cup around all the time, she ended up wearing down her front teeth!

  2. I need to go back and look up when Raya was using the sippy cup well...but I do know that by 1 year old she was on whole milk and no formula or bottles ever again after like 1 week. We made the switch fast and never put formula in a sippy and never put milk in a bottle. But Raya was eating table food much better by this age than Raya, so I'm not sure Brielle will be quite ready to give up the formula at age 1.

    We used a tons of different sippy cups (and still do) because I didn't want her dependant on one type. We started I think with the ones that had silicone spouts, because they were most similiar to a bottle....but they were short and had handles on both sides so they were easy to grasp.


  3. Well, it's good that you let her play with it. I personally never put milk into the sippy cups because I think that if it's not drunk quickly enough, it'll go bad, unless you refrigerate it right away. I think that's my own personal weirdness though.
    I only put juice or water or a combination of the two in sippy cups. With Jonas, I used the ones you tip back... and for a while, I'd have to tip it back for him. It helped me to show him that I was pouring something in it and then give him a taste of it (juice) so that he'd WANT to figue out how to suck from it. For him, I like the ones with the silicone tops, because he can bite them.
    With Marco, we used straw cups. I did basically the same thing, but he figured out how to suck after about a month.
    It takes a while... but exposure is EVERYTHING. Offer it to her multiple times a day.
    Goooood Luuuuck!

  4. I started introducing the sippy cup a few months ago with Max (and around the same age with Elijah)so that by his birthday he will be very used to it and ready to go. As I did with Elijah, Max's bottle goes bye-bye on his 1st birthday. :( Its hard at first, it took Elijah a couple weeks to really accept the fact that his bottle was gone. But the sooner you start introducing it to her and letting her practice with it the better. I would start with juice(as kids usually like it since it tastes good) and give her the cup when she is in her high chair, at least that is what I have been doing with Max. The only time I give him a bottle now is in the evening, and before his nap in the afternoon. There is no "right" way to do it. You know your daughter better than anyone, so just do what you feel comfortable with. She will get it, and you are doing great!