December 5, 2011

Baby in the corner

As much as I talk about how we need some excitement around here, I have to say, I love laid back days at home with my happy baby.  Especially days where she takes TWO naps, each for TWO hours!  When she wakes up she's so excited and playful.

She loves to open the bottom drawer, take one dish cloth or pot holder out, close the drawer, play with the dish cloth, open the drawer, grab another and repeat.  It kept her occupied for a long time tonight while I made dinner.

She got stuck in between the end table and couches.  Daddy had to rescue her.

Daddy is always so cooperative for my photo shoots when he gets home :)

She likes to get into all kinds of trouble at this little table.  She either bites the wood off the top, tries to pull my poinsettia down or pick at the star decoration.  As you can see in this picture, she also likes to pull the PEACE blocks down.  That doesn't bother me though.  A poinsettia falling onto the floor, not so good.  I know, I could just move it, but we're learning the meaning of the word "no".  So in this picture Daddy was telling her "NO KYLA!"  She hasn't really figured out the meaning yet, haha.

So Daddy put her in the corner for a timeout.  Haha, not really.  Well, he did do it, but jokingly.  It was cute :)

Mommy, mean Daddy put me in the corner!

All better!

The best part of my day today was sitting at the dinner table as a family, hearing about Tyler's day at work, sharing about our day at home, and listening to Kyla laugh.


  1. I love the picture of her stuck! :-)


  2. Love you guys!!!!

  3. I know you say you don't have a lot to blog about sometimes, but I want to say that I really enjoy hearing about Kyla and your day, and your little family stories about the 3 of you. You have a beautiful family Amy, and I enjoy hearing about it :) loved the pics today!

  4. She's so cute!

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