December 12, 2011

11 months old!

One more month until my beautiful baby turns 1!

One more month until you are no longer a baby!

One more month to plan your big birthday bash!

Happy 11 months Kyla!

As of today, you weigh 23.4 pounds!

Here's what's going on with your cute self...

Thankfully, nothing really to report in the sleep department.  You still go to bed around 8:00 and wake up between 8:00 and 8:30.  Once in awhile you will get up at 7:30 or sleep until 9:15.

You're slowly making your way toward one nap a day.  You usually are ready for nap around 11:00,  but I've been keeping you up until right after your lunch feeding.  And your naps have been about two hours lately.  Because you're only taking one nap on most days, you are usually ready for bed a little early.  We sometimes put you to bed around 7:30 if you're really tired.  You still sleep like a champ though.  Mom and Dad appreciate that!

You still are eating four 6 oz bottles a day.  Once in awhile five bottles.  You really only eat baby food when you can't have what Daddy and I are having.  For breakfast, you have oatmeal mixed with fruit and some cheerios.  You love eating whatever I eat for lunch.  You tried applesauce and are not a fan.  In fact, I've given it to you twice now.  Both times you've spit it out.  The first time it sprayed in my face.  Silly girl!  We always make sure you get fruits for lunch and vegetables for dinner.  And you always like to try what we're eating.  Last night we had chicken, stuffing, corn and cottage cheese.  You ate everything but the chicken.  You couldn't get enough of the corn and cottage cheese!  You also love green beans, lasagna, hamburger, macaroni and cheese, any kind of noodles, cheerios, crackers, spaghetti, cheese.

No new teeth this month.  Still four on top and four on bottom!  And you still love having them brushed before bedtime!

No "Momma" yet!  We're hearing dada A LOT!  And goy goy, ssssss, baba, and a whole lot more babble!

What you've been up to this month
You love to mock people coughing, laughing, grunting.  The other night I jokingly grunted at Daddy because he said something that made me mad and you grunted too.  That's my girl!  Always stick up for Mom!

  You are fascinated with the patio blinds, which drives Mommy crazy!  

You also love the curtains, which are now folded up and looking really silly.  

You love to flip through our photo albums, lick shoes when we accidentally leave them out.

You were scared of the Christmas tree for awhile, but now you just don't really care about it.  Which is perfectly fine by me!

We started having play dates with other babies and you love it!  Maybe a little too much!  We're working on not pulling hair and sharing :-)

You are starting to stand on your own, but still for only short periods of time.

You are in 18 month clothing, size 3 shoes and size 5 diapers.  18 month shirts and onesies fit you perfectly, but your pants are starting to be too short.  I can't wait to see how tall you are at your 12 month checkup!

We just got your pictures taken this weekend and even though you weren't too thrilled about it, we still managed to get some cute ones!  You're even cute when you cry!  :-)

Oh, my little pumpkin, I love you so much!  I'm so excited to start planning your first birthday party!  And we are going to be celebrating our first Christmas together as a family.  This will by far be the best Christmas I've ever had.  You are the only gift I ever wanted.  And you're here with us now.  And almost 1 year old!  Thank you for being such a fun, happy baby.  We love you so much!

Love, Mom and Dad


  1. Amy, these pictures of Kayla are BEAUTIFUL!!!! I especially love the one of her crying! :)

  2. I think her pictures turned out adorable considering, she doesn't like it much.. ;)

  3. Adorable pictures. I love the ond of crying. Happy 11 months Miss Kyla

  4. The ones of her smiling with the snowman are so cute! Love her sweater dress and leggings too :-)

    Happy 11 months!


  5. Love the pictures of Kyla!!! Make sure you tell Briana her name isn't Kayla. haha Please get some of them ordered for me.

  6. Kyla knows what's up! Apple sauce is awful :) Love the pictures!!


  7. OMG, so suddenly as I was unpacking Brielle's outfit I got her today I though "this looks so familiar" and sure enough I totally bought the same sweater dress and leggings that Kyla has on! Ruff Hewn right? Well, the same leggings, but I got her the blue version of the sweater dress. Too funny! Stumbled across it on the clearance rack today and couldn't pass it up. Good taste :-)