December 9, 2011

$1 monthly onsie stickers? Yes please!

First off today, I must share an amazing deal with you.  I just got these monthly onesie stickers...

I was bad and didn't do the monthly stickers in Kyla's first year.  By the time I realized I should be doing it, it was about 8 months too late.  Chalk it up to first time mommy ignorance I guess.

But don't worry, I will make up for it in her second year!  And guess how much I got these stickers for?

Come on, guess!

Ok, I got them for $1.00.  Yes, one dollar.  A buck!  I was so excited!  Go to From Mrs. to Mama to see how to get some for yourself (or as a gift if you want).  They are regularly $19.95, but on sale for $14.99 right now.  But since Becky is awesome, she shared a great deal to only pay $1.  You can do the deal twice!  I'm going to go do it again right now and either get some for our next baby or the pregnancy ones.  They're adorable.  But do you put them directly on your belly?  Because I'm not the type of person to post pictures of my bare belly.  I'll do belly shots with it covered.  So maybe I should stick with the stickers for the next baby.  But then do I get boy or girl?  I guess neutral.  But those aren't as fun.  Hmm...

Today is Kyla's 11 month birthday!  I apologize though, I'm not doing her birthday post today.  I haven't had a chance to get good pictures and I'm busy.  You know, busy buying monthly onsie stickers.  Haha.  No, I really am busy trying to get laundry done, house picked up and figure out what the heck I'm going to have Kyla wear tomorrow for her pictures.  And what Tyler and I are going to wear so we can get a new family picture.  Why are getting pictures done so stressful?  Anyway, I will have an official birthday post coming soon!

Now that winter has arrived here in Wisconsin and Kyla needs her big, puffy winter jacket, what a pain in the butt getting her in her car seat is!  Ugh!  I wonder if Santa will bring me an SUV for Christmas?  I've been good!  I hate putting her in the car now.  So annoying!  And putting her in the car, getting her out to go to the post office (who else is signing my petition for a drive through post office?), putting her back in, getting her out to go to the gas station, putting her back in, getting her out at home.  Yeah, you get the point.  It would still be annoying in an SUV, but not as annoying ;)  Thank goodness the bank has a drive through!

As bad as my black Friday shopping experience was, my recent shopping trips have restored my faith in people and holiday spirit.  When I took Kyla to the mall the other day, people were just nice.  Somebody holding the door for me, random people just smiling at us, friendly/helpful workers.  I love nice people.  Life is too short to be rude.  Hold a door for someone, say hi to a stranger.  Do something nice for someone.  It's a good feeling!

The best part of my day today (I know, it's only noon but I have a lot of favorite moments throughout the day) was checking online banking and seeing my Thirty-One commission check was deposited!  I totally forgot it was pay day.  What a great feeling!  Now I can finish up my Christmas shopping!  And donate to Connie & Curtis' Make-A-Wish Radio-A-Thon.  And put some extra money into Kyla's college fund.  And according to Tyler, pay his student loan bill since he has to start paying again now that he's finished with his Masters.  Oh fun, thanks Ty!

Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. I just ordered those stickers for Keira too. Awesome deal!!!
    Happy 11 months Miss Kyla!

  2. I love the idea about a drive through for the Post Office!!!!! Is it only us Thirty-One Consultants, who are always there, that think it's a great idea?!? :)

    And, yes, winter is so annoying for getting the kids in and out of the car. Just wait until Kyla is big enough to go outside and play in the snow! You will get her all bundled up, she will go out to play, but two minutes later she will want back in. And, getting them dressed takes some time! :)

    I totally forgot today was pay day! Well, I remembered this morning and meant to check my account, but since then have forgotten - thanks for the reminder! :)