November 23, 2011

Why is it so hard?

To think of a title for each blog post?  I seriously sometimes sit here and don't post for an hour because I just can't think of a stupid title.  How ridiculous.  I guess I try to be clever with them and well, that explains that.

Anyway, on to more important topics...I was happy with how DWTS ended.  J.R. deserved it and he is such a great guy!  And isn't the Bachelor supposed to start right up?  What's with this waiting until January crap?  I'm ready now!  I need a new, ridiculous Monday night show :)  I did watch You Deserve It though and it was pretty cool.  I would love to be able to go on there and win some money for someone dear to me.  I won't say who.  Maybe some day I'll be on there.  Wouldn't want to ruin a surprise.  Speaking of the Bachelor though, Reality Steve is posting the spoilers next week and is going to say who Ben picks.  I REALLY want to be surprised this season, but I cannot keep my fingers from pointing the mouse and typing in his website.  And even when I'm on the site, I try really hard not to read it.  But my eyes will just not turn away.  What am I going to do?  Does anyone else read the spoilers?  Willpower, where are you?

Kyla still isn't feeling the best.  She had this little whine going on all day.  It was the "Mommy, I don't feel good" whine.  I hate seeing her nose and eyes run and hearing her innocent little cough.  I knew she didn't feel well when she laid in the living room watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse for a good 15 minutes.  She never usually sits still for longer than 10 seconds!  It helped that I gave her a new sippy cup that she's never seen before.  She was amazed by that all day!  I just put a little water in there.  She still hasn't really mastered how to drink from it.  But she likes biting it...

My sister-in-law emailed me a picture of Gianna with her turkey.  I forgot to take one of her yesterday.  Isn't she the cutest?

I'm so excited to go to my mom's for Thanksgiving tomorrow.  I love hanging out with family.  There's nothing better!  I'm so happy my aunt and uncle and cousin are coming now too!  There will be lots of good food, lots of laughter and lots of loud cheering (hopefully) for the Packers.  Check back tomorrow night for a picture of Kyla in her NEW Packer outfit!  And her adorable new turkey shirt :)

I decided I am going shopping FOR SURE on Black Friday.  I was planning on going to Walmart at 10:00pm and Target at midnight.  But now I found out that it's only certain things on sale at 10:00 at Walmart and the stuff I want doesn't go on sale until midnight.  And I'd also like to be at Best Buy at midnight.  Not sure what I'm going to do yet.  There's a treadmill on sale at Dick's for $499, originally $1000.  Their sales start at 5:00am.  Do I do it?  I really want one!  Oh, I just don't know.  I will make sure to post sometime on Friday with the deals I got.  Hopefully I don't end up on the news as one of the poor souls that got trampled.  I'm tough, I will push back :)

And speaking of Black Friday, have you joined my Thirty-One Facebook group yet?  I have some great specials for you!  Here's the link to my group:  Just ask to join and I will accept you.  And you won't be sorry ;)  There are so many great Christmas gift ideas.  And you can get things personalized too!  For free!  That's right, if you order from 12:01pm - 4:00pm on Friday, get free personalization!  Check out my group page for more details!

We are planning on getting our Christmas stuff out on Friday too.  Outside lights, decorations, tree, it's all getting done!  And I can't wait.  I love Christmas and everything about it.

Wow, have I really been bad at this thankful thing every day in November.  It seems like every other day I remember to do it.  I have so much to be thankful for.  I am especially thankful my family, our health, and our home.  There is much more, but those are the things that make me truly happy.


  1. I wish I had money for a treadmill, I'd love to get one!
    Thanks again for helping me with my Thirty-One order, I'm so excited to get everything!

  2. Have a Wonderful Thanksgiving Amy and Family!

  3. I am just as excited to see everyone today! Got up at 3:30 to put the big turkey in and boy does it smell good. I am thankful for everyone who is able to be with us today.