November 26, 2011

What they say about Black Friday shoppers is true (times 100)!

 It's been a busy couple of days around here.  Let me first tell you about my Black Friday shopping nightmare experience.

I left the house about 8:30 on Thursday night to go to Michael's.  I forgot my 30% off coupon at my mom's so I stopped at two gas stations to buy another paper.  No luck.  Both girls actually laughed at me.  They must have sold out a long time ago!  Thank goodness for my smart phone though.  Michael's let me download their app and scan the coupon from there.  That was a successful trip.  I got Kyla a Melissa and Doug shape puzzle and magnetic letters and numbers.  The M & D stuff was buy one get one 50% off and then I got 30% off of that.  I also got two wreaths for our lights by the garage for 80% off.  And my favorite purchase of all...a tall organizer with drawers.  I will post a picture later (it's in the toy room where Grandma Cheryl is sleeping).  I am going to use it for Tot School for construction paper, glue, scissors, etc.  I've had my eye on this for awhile, but it was $69.99 and I would never pay that much.  But I got it for 80% off!  I was so excited!

I also had 13 Christmas books in my cart because I thought I could get them for 30% off as well.  The coupon said 30% off everything, including sale items.  And I didn't see anything about books in the fine print.  I was so pumped!  I'm starting a tradition where I wrap 25 Christmas books and starting on December 1st, Kyla will open one book a night to read at bedtime.  We will read the last one on Christmas night.  I'm not planning on starting this until next year when Kyla will actually be able to open the books herself.  But I figured I'd stock up on some cute books since they were on sale.  Not so fast.  They were excluded from the sale.  So I didn't buy any.  I'm hoping I can get them on sale after Christmas or at a used book store or something.

Then I decided I'd go check out Walmart since they opened at 10:00.  Big. Mistake.  I've heard about crazy Black Friday shoppers before, but I have never seen such chaos.  I was scared for my life.  Seriously.  So besides not being able to move, I accidently bumped into a girl in front of me and she looked back at me and I thought she was going to kick my butt.  I apologized.  She wasn't having it.  Yikes!  Then, I somehow made my way over to the movies.  And as I was shoving (nicely) my way through, some guy looked at me and then said to his wife/girlfriend, "See babe, I told you, that b**** just tried to steal your wallet."  Excuse me?  I'm just trying to get the hell out of this place.  I didn't say anything because at this point, I didn't want any trouble.  So I texted Tyler (who was at home worried sick about me) and told him I was just going to come home.  It took me 35 minutes to get out of the store.  When I made my way toward the front and what I thought was freedom, I was met by a security guard and a roped off area.  I told him I just wanted to leave the store and that I wasn't buying anything.  He let me go under the rope and escorted me out of the store.  He literally had to shove people out of the way because they thought I was trying to cut in line to check out.

If I blog about wanting to go shopping next year on Black Friday, please PLEASE remind me of this experience.  I went to Walmart to get a printer for my mom.  I will gladly pay more for her printer!

Yesterday was a busy decorating day.  We got the house all decorated, the tree up, and most of the outside lights up.  We had to go buy two more strands of lights and by the time we got back, it was dark.  And it rained all day today so we're hoping we (meaning Tyler) can get them finished tomorrow.  Tyler's mom got here last night and is staying until Monday morning.  I had a Thirty-One vendor fair all day today.  And tomorrow Tyler's brothers and their girlfriends are coming over for lunch. 

I know I posted a ton of pictures from Thanksgiving at my mom's, but I have to post a few more.  My aunt took pictures that day too so here are some of hers...

She likes pinching noses

A nice family picture
But something just doesn't seem right...

I can't believe I married a Bears fan!

 I hope everyone is having a great weekend and eating lots of good food!  One more day of turkey and stuffing for us!


  1. I was hoping I'd get to read the story behind the horrible black friday shopping haha---yikes! I actually went shopping for a little bit this afternoon and *that* was busy enough for me--I don't like crowds!

    Love the picture of everyone pointing at Tyler!


  2. This is why I don't shop on Black Friday. I would love to to get the good deals but there is no way I'm dealing with the crowds and RUDE people. Although the hubs and I went to WalMart on Friday at 9am and it wasn't bad at all. I think all the hype had worn off by that time! Kyla is a cutie in her packers outfit!

    Sweet N Sassy Girls

  3. I love the book idea. I am totally going to copy you. I picked up some record-able storybooks (costco and hallmark) to include. I don't think Aaron was excited as I exclaimed I am going to buy 24 holiday-type books. lol.

  4. I have always wanted to go Black Friday Shopping, but between my social anxiety and stories like this, I have never gone! lol, I don't think I will be trying it anytime soon! Glad you had a great thanksgiving with your family.

  5. Yikes-that sounds like a horrible experience, Amy! I heard some people used pepper spray!!!

    I can't wait to see the picture of your drawer organizer. With the way you are describing it and the price, I am thinking it is the one I have had my eye on...I want two, one for each of my girls, but there is no way I am paying that price either!