November 15, 2011

Tuesday's Truths

It's true...

I saw a video of the upcoming season of Teen Mom 2 and I cannot wait!

I think I'm ready for Hope to go home on DWTS.  I like Maks (even if he's a little cocky).  He's so sexy though!  And his brother is too.  I hope he is back next season and gets a better partner!  Hope has been a little too mouthy for me lately and I don't think she's that great of a dancer.  But I still like her.  I wanted her to make it this far.  But I want the other three to make the finals.  Who are you all rooting for?  I'll share with you later who I want to win it all :)

I'm getting the Christmas decorations out this weekend!  I'm having Tyler's family over for Thanksgiving next Sunday so I want the house to look festive :)

Kyla had spaghetti for the first time tonight and loved it!

Here's my latest favorite Thirty-One bag.  All moms need this purse!  It's perfect for shopping with kids.  You can have two hands free and it's plenty big for all your stuff!  And it comes in 5 different cute patterns!

Kyla's already learning how to steal from my purses.  Oh boy!

Call me a mean mom, but I love taking pictures of her crazy bed head.  She wasn't happy about it, but I picked her up right after the picture and she was fine :)

You should all join my Thirty-One Facebook page.  I have a sweet deal going on right now :)

Thanks :)


  1. Hope needs to go home! She's been so annoying lately. I hope JR wins.

    I asked to join your facebook page :-)


  2. I agree Hopd should go home. I'm rooting for Rob or JR

    Cute new purse. Bed head pics are the best, LOL

    Sweet N Sassy Girls

  3. Oh poor Kyla grandma will come get you out of there.