November 24, 2011

Thanksgiving picture overload


We had a great day at my mom's today.  It was my mom and step dad, Grandma Barb, Aunt Sharon, Uncle Mike & cousin Kirsten, my brother Matt, his wife Amber and their two daughters Emma and Gianna, and my brother Mark.  Kyla was such a good girl and we all had so much fun.  
And yes, I took A TON of pictures!

Trying on the new hat from Aunt Sharon

How cute is her turkey shirt?
Grandma and Kyla
Emma and of the best moments of the day was when Emma came in from playing and Kyla saw her.  Kyla got SO excited, she was screaming and shaking her arms in excitement.  It was so cute!
Can you tell we are a Packer family?  Except Tyler, of course!  Just this week I taught Kyla how to raise her arms up for a touchdown.  She did it today.  I was so proud :)

Kirsten and her little red heads :)

Silly Uncle Matt

Wardrobe change

Such a happy Packer baby!

Grandpa and Kyla

Uncle Matt, Aunt Sharon & Uncle Mike

Kyla was helping me plan for my Black Friday shopping trip.

Momma's girl!

Kyla and her beautiful Godmother, Kirsten

Tutu time

Gianna had to try on her Emma's tutu

Uncle Mark and his three nieces

Grandma Barb with her boys

This was the only logical spot for me to be

And in typical brother fashion, they pushed me off

Thanks, guys!  Some things never change!

My mom and Grandma

A VERY excited little Packer baby

She got into Momma's laundry
Thank you to Shawna from Girls Just Wanna Have Fun for making Kyla's turkey shirt.  Everyone loved it!  She will be wearing it again on Sunday when Tyler's family comes over.  She has a ton of other cute stuff on her Etsy store.  Check it out:

And now, what do I do?  It's 7:30 and I'm going shopping tonight.  Do I lay down for a little while or stay up?  I'm afraid if I lay down, I won't get back up.  But maybe a little rest will be good.  Is anyone else venturing out tonight to do some shopping?  I really only want to get a few things at midnight and then I'd like to go to a few stores that open at 5:00am.  Those stores didn't really plan this very well.  I don't want to shop at midnight, come home and sleep and then get up to go again at 5:00.  I'm sure I'll tell you all about it tomorrow :)

Hope you're all having a great Thanksgiving.  I sure am!  I can't help but be so thankful for my amazing little girl!  I love her so much!


  1. I thought about going shopping, but don't really have anything I need... that and I want to be lazy before I work tomorrow! lol. Good luck finding the deals :)

  2. The shirt looked so cute on her! Love all the pictures---looks like a fun day!

    ...and you're crazy for going shopping anywhere tonight LOL. I'll be laying on the couch :-)


  3. Loved Kyla's shirt! Looks like you guys had an awesome day

    Have fun shopping, I'll be at home in bed! There are some awesome deals out there though

    Sweet N Sassy Girls

  4. Oh no! Sorry Walmart was so nuts for you--but Walmart has crazies on a *regular* day, so I can only imagine how nuts it gets on black friday!!!! :-) Lee went to Menards at 6 this morning to test the water...he said people were running and screaming and kicking boxes across the floor b/c their arms were full and there were no carts LOL.