November 20, 2011

Quick, pictureless, update

Oh, I am so behind on my beloved blogger world.  I haven't posted or read my favorite blogs all weekend!  And sorry, but this is going to be short because it's almost midnight and I'm tired.

Kyla and I had a GREAT weekend at Grandma's.  Tyler was hunting all weekend so we decided to stay with my mom.  I actually only planned on staying there Friday night, but Kyla slept so well that we decided to stay Saturday too.  She had so much fun with Grandma!  They don't have a gate at their house though so it's a little exhausting to keep her from going by the stairs.  We tried to put boxes and other stuff in the entry way, but she's a sneaky little thing.  She always makes her way into the hallway.  I'm so thankful my mom let us stay all weekend.  We get lonely when Daddy's gone.  And it's nice to have help with Ky :)

Can you believe I went the whole weekend without taking one picture?  Believe it.  It's official, I'm a horrible blogger!

I've been so busy all night with Thirty-One stuff that my house is a wreck from just coming home and dumping everything.  I'm looking forward to staying in with Kyla and getting things organized tomorrow.  Gianna is coming on Tuesday to spend the day with us so I want to go to Michael's and use the rest of my gift card to get a new, fun project.  Any ideas?  I'm thinking a Thanksgiving project is in order.  I'll have to check some out on Pinterest. 

I planned on going shopping at midnight on Thursday night, but I got a really good deal on a TV today at Target.  That's really the only thing I wanted to get so I might just go to bed like a sane person.  We'll see though ;)

I hope you all had a good weekend!  I'm looking forward to catching up with all of you bloggers tomorrow! 

I'm thankful that Thanksgiving week is here and Tyler gets two days off of work and we get to have great food and spend time with family.  I love the holidays!


  1. I really enjoyed having you and Kyla! You always say how much she laughs, boy I sure got to see it this past weekend. What a happy baby! See ya on Thanksgiving.
    Love Mom

  2. I just pinned some cute little pinecone turkeys that look pretty easy :-)

    ...and I hear ya, I've been a horrible blogger the last couple days too!!!