November 8, 2011

Our "new" toy room!

As promised, here are some pictures of our new toy room!  Don't get too excited though, it's still pretty bland...

Unfortunately we don't have an office so Momma needs one corner for her Thirty-One stuff!  Our next house WILL have an office AND a toy room!
The little rocking chair that Tyler's grandparents gave us.  I love it!  His grandma is 89 and used it when she was a little girl so it's pretty old, but in such great shape.  I'm so thankful Kyla will always have this to remember them by!
My mom bought us this little storage shelf.  I can't believe how fast it filled up!

This will soon be for Tot School only, but it can house some other toys for now :)

The beautiful horse my mom's friend's husband made

The room as you walk in...told you not to get too excited.  During the day we'll open that dark dreary blind and let the sun shine in (or maybe watch the snow fall?).  Notice the one and only thing hanging on the wall, haha.  Tyler laughed at me for that.
Now I need some stuff to hang on the walls.  Any suggestions?  Cute, but affordable...
I know it's nothing great, but I'm so excited about it.  I want to get a fun, colorful rug for the middle of the room.  I haven't found one I like yet.  I don't want any letters or numbers or crazy designs.  Just maybe different colored squares or something.  And nothing girly.  We may have boys some day :)

Here's Kyla this morning watching our sign language DVD.  You'd probably see it better if you back up, honey.

This is how my daughter woke up from her afternoon nap...

Interesting, huh? 

She doesn't exactly know how to use a sippy cup yet.  She just doesn't understand that she needs to tip it back.  When I help her and she gets a little water, she loves it!  She'll learn soon enough.  For now, she just likes to play with it.  And look cute.

I must do three thankful things today.  I didn't post on Sunday and forgot yesterday.  I'm not good about remembering things unless I write myself a little note.  Speaking of...I lost my planner for the last two weeks.  I've literally been lost without it.  I finally found it last night.  I opened it up to this week to find out I missed Kyla's appointment yesterday for her second flu shot.  Crap!  They got us in today and she took it like a champ.  Momma needs the planner!  I ordered myself a new one a few weeks ago and I cannot wait for it to be here.  It's seriously going to be the best planner EVER!  I'm so pumped.  Oh yeah, on to the things I'm thankful for...

Of course I'm thankful for our "new" toy room.  I have my living room back.  We'll still play in the living room, but we can just bring a couple toys out there at a time.  They don't need to be covering the entire floor.  We'll spend a lot of our days in the toy room though, exploring.  I also want to get a little table and chairs so we can color, paint and do puzzles and stuff.  And I want a bookshelf in there.  It's a small room though...hmm.  Basically I'm thankful that we have this beautiful home and soon to be even better when the basement is finished.  We are truly blessed.

I'm thankful for social media.  Yes, it drives me crazy and annoys the crap out of me sometimes.  But I still love it.  I love that I can share our lives and our family who doesn't see us often can keep up with us.  I love that I can keep in touch with people that I probably wouldn't ever see or talk to otherwise.  I love that we can share pictures, videos and articles with one another, even if it's just about the Duggars having another baby :)  By the way, I love the Duggars.  Do I think they should have another baby?  Not really.  But they are a great family and teach their kids great values.  I hope that Michelle (Momma Duggar) and the baby will have a healthy, full-term pregnancy.  In the end, they love their children unconditionally and I'd rather see them have another baby than someone who is going to put their child in danger.  Just my opinion though :)  What I hate about social media, specifically Facebook, is attention getters.  I'm talking about the people that post things like "OMG, I can't believe it!" or "Are you kidding me?!"  Oh, you want everyone to ask you what's wrong, right?  Is that it?  You need a little attention?  Sorry, I've just never been a fan of people that beg for attention.  And to me, that's what posts like that are.  But to each their own I guess.  This has nothing to do with anything that anyone posted recently.  This has always driven me crazy and since I was saying what I love about social media, just thought I'd throw that in there.  Because it's my blog.  And I can.  Sorry, didn't mean to get negative with my thankfulness :)

And lastly, I can finally say I am thankful that Nancy Grace has been voted off DWTS.  Enough said :)

Guess who will be 10 months old tomorrow?  Check in for the monthly update!

Oh, and one last should all join my Thirty-One VIP Facebook page:

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  1. Love the toy room---especially that gorgeous rocking horse!

    For the wall you could always buy a bunch of those corkboard square tiles and hang them up in some arrangement...and then you'd have a place to hang up all of Kyla's drawings and stuff with push pins. (Or all the cute paintings and stuff that you help her do now....but it won't be long before she starts scribbling on 20 pieces of paper a day! :-)

    Oh, and I agree, I LOVE the Duggars. No, I certainly don't want that many kids, but with all the reality couples who bite the dust (think Jon and Kate Plus 8) you have to give props to the Duggars. They seem like such a nice family and they certainly aren't hurting anyone else with their views and all the kids seem genuinely happy so more power to them! :-)

    We love our thirty-one tote that we won--use it every day for hauling toys!


  2. I love the crayon fun on the wall...did you get that idea from pinterest?


  3. Toy room looks great, Amy!!! :)