November 13, 2011

My baby's booboo :(

I am a terrible blogger.  I haven't posted since Thursday  :)

Needless to say, I've been busy.  Ok fine, I probably had time to blog, but had nothing exciting to write about.  Not that anything I'm writing now is exciting.  But whatever.  I had a Thirty-One meeting on Friday night and a party yesterday.  Kyla got to have some extra Daddy time!  Uncle Tanner came over yesterday so I'm sure she had a great time playing with him too!  The boys went to the farm today to get all ready for opening hunting weekend.

Tonight, we had a little boo boo.  Actually a big one if you ask me, but nothing too serious.  Anyway, Kyla has now figured out how to open the kitchen drawers...

So tonight, about 30 minutes before bedtime, she was in the kitchen with me and the drawer wasn't even open, but she lost her balance and hit her face on the drawer handle.  Hard!  I picked her up and saw the instant swollen bruise right next to her eye.  I almost started crying.  I'm supposed to protect her.  I'm supposed to keep her safe.  I felt horrible.  But I do realize I can't keep her from exploring and keep her sitting in one spot all her life.  She was just trying to pull herself up to stand up and fell.  Poor thing :(

Needless to say, I just got her to bed now, almost an hour past her bedtime.  I just wanted to hold her all night.  But I think she's finally sleeping.

Here are a few pictures pre-booboo...

She love to close all the doors on this after I open them.

All done!

Got Momma on a leash!

I didn't have a chance to post on Friday, which was Veteran's Day.  I just want to say that I am extremely thankful for all of our service men and women, past and present.  Thank you for all you do.  Thank you for your sacrifices.  Thank you for protecting us.  I am amazed at anyone who chooses to serve our country.

A big thank you to my sister-in-law, Amber, for hosting a Thirty-One party yesterday!  And a very happy 31st birthday to you today.  I hope Matt and the girls did something special for you :)


  1. I always feel bad when my babies get an owie too :( Luckily they're always on the move soon after!

  2. Awww, poor Kyla! Don't feel bad though--it happens to *every* mom! Poor Brielle is in the stage where she constantly looks like CPS should be called lol...she gets a new bruise every day I swear!