November 3, 2011

More free stuff...

My blogger friend Shawna is having a giveaway.  Check it out here.  She makes adorable little clothes for both boys and girls.  I'm having her make Kyla's birthday shirt.  I just have to pick a theme.  Anyway, she is giving away a complete outfit for free!  So if you have a little one or even if you don't (can always give it away as a gift), enter her giveaway.  It's easy!  And when you do and you leave a comment, tell her "Amy from Mrs. Mommy" sent you.  I REALLY want to win so help me out, haha.  Thanks :)

I had a pretty productive day today even though I'm still not feeling great.  I got four out of five things done on my daily 5 list.  I guess the toilets will have to get cleaned tomorrow :)  I did go to the post office (almost a daily occurance now since starting with Thirty-One), got ready for my party tomorrow, finished staining the doors and trim for the basement, and went to the grocery store.  I think 4 out of 5 is pretty good.  I was really excited about my grocery store trip.  I got two Dawn dish soaps and two packs of Pampers wipes for a total of $2.50.  $0.25 each for the Dawn's and $0.98 for each of the wipes.  The wipes are regularly $3.79 each so that's enough to get excited about in my book.

Speaking of Pampers, how many of you do the Gifts to Grow Rewards?  I love it!  On every package of Pampers wipes or diapers, there is a 15-digit code.  You enter them on and get points for them.  You can then redeem your points for rewards.  My favorite reward?  Free pictures from Shutterfly.  I don't remember the last time I paid for pictures.  And I send my grandma, my mom and Tyler's family pictures of Kyla.  FOR FREE!  Well, almost free.  I have to pay the tax.  And mom, I know, I need to send you some updated pictures.  I promise I will do that this weekend!  I have 1,149 points in my Pampers account so that'll get me plenty of free pictures.  If you use Pampers products, you should definitely be doing this!

And speaking of my mom, she has been really sick and in the hospital, but got home today is doing much better.  I love you, Mom and glad you're feeling better!  I wish Kyla and I could have come to see you.

Today I'm thankful for  I saw their commercial on tv about buying old iPhone's so I decided to give it a try since my iPhone has been sitting in a drawer for about a year now.  I got a check from Gazelle today for more than double what they originally said they were going to give me!  It made my day!

And since I haven't posted pictures of Kyla in a couple days, here are a few random ones...

That is as good as they get today.  All the rest were about like this...

Or this...

Take it or leave it :)


  1. Thanks for blogging about my giveaway--I wish everyone could win!! Good luck :-)

    I go to the post office constantly too, and it's funny b/c now Raya gets REALLY excited when I say it's time to go there because she knows they give out suckers. I think she probably ends up with 75% of their suckers by the time it's all said and done lol

    Cute pictures too--even if they are of the top of her head!