November 5, 2011

Kyla says "Way to go, Bucky!"

I got a nice little package on my doorstep yesterday that put me in even more of a Christmas mood...

I'm VERY excited about our stockings and for Santa to fill them up :)  We are hanging our Christmas lights up next weekend and I can't wait!

How about those Badgers today, huh Kyla?

How cute are those socks?

Watching the game!

I don't make her wear hats while hanging out at home.  We were getting ready to go out to Target and she was just too cute not to get the camera out!

She was a major Daddy's girl today.  He was working in the basement and she was sitting at the top of the stairs by the gate watching for him.  He came to the bottom of the stairs to say hi and she laughed.  And then he went away and she cried.  And repeat.

Here are a couple cute pictures of Kyla and Kirsten from last night...

Today I am especially thankful for Tyler...for letting me sleep in and bringing me breakfast in bed.  I know, I am one lucky lady!  Thanks're the best!  Hope I don't embarrass you too much on here.  And I hope this blog hasn't made you lose your man card :)


  1. Your momma spoils you and your husband!! Love the pictures of Kyla in her Badger clothes. I think if I remember I am suppose to get some updated pictures of her this weekend. I would like some from this blog too.

  2. that hat with ears!

    Breakfast in bed? Jealous!