November 28, 2011

Happy for Monday!

As much as I love the holidays, I am thankful the weekend is over and that we are back to a routine.  Kyla doesn't do so well with change.  She doesn't nap when there's company here so it can make for some long days! 

Clapping for Mickey Mouse Clubhouse...

Beautiful bed head...

She is really cruising around in her walker.  She can use her feet to steer herself so she doesn't run into things and can turn.  It's fun to watch.  She goes really fast on the kitchen floor and has the biggest smile on her face!

When you say "Touchdown!" she raises her arms.  I practiced this all week with her last week and she wouldn't do it and then on Thursday at my mom's, she did it during the Packer game.  Such a smart girl!  Now she does it all the time :)

She likes to get into my drawers and found my beaters today.

My chubby baby is losing all her chub!  It makes sense since she's on the go all the time and never sits still.  But this next picture really made me realize how thin she's gotten!

Oh don't worry Mommy, I still have the chubby cheeks and double chin.  See :)

As soon as she hears the garage door opening, she screams and crawls toward the door and waits for Daddy to come in.  And then says "Pick me up Daddy!"

How amazing are these flowers?  They are even more beautiful in person!  Tyler's brother's girlfriend brought them for me yesterday.  How sweet is she?  It was our first time meeting her.  She's a keeper (and not just because of the flowers) :)

I hate to keep plugging my Thirty-One Facebook group page, but I just have to tell you that I'm doing a giveaway right now and I know some of you like free stuff.  And I'm giving away cute, useful, free stuff :)  Check it out here:


  1. Love that touchdown picture!!! :)

    Beautiful flowers...what a sweetie!

  2. Her bedhead always makes me smile :-)