November 7, 2011

Happy 100 to me (again)

Oops...I guess the other day wasn't really my 100th post.  My dashboard tricked me.  I had a couple drafts in there that apparently were counting toward my total posts.  I thought it only counted published posts.  So happy 100 to me AGAIN!  For real this time.

Since I didn't post yesterday, I have a lot of random stuff so let's just get at it...

Guess what?  Our basement has doors!  WOO HOO!

Bathroom on the left, storage area straight ahead

A very bad picture of the laundry room door
A HUGE thank you to my step dad Brian and uncle Mike for helping Tyler put them in yesterday.  And to my mom and aunt Sharon for coming with to visit and help entertain Kyla.  More like help keep her from playing with the extension cord, stool and gate.  She likes to stand up at the stools in the kitchen and pulled one down on her head yesterday.  No more of that, little girl! 

By the way, have I ever mentioned that I have the greatest family EVER?  Well, I do!

Sharon and Mike are huge Packer fans so Sharon had to bring her rally hat, just in case she needed it for the game!  Kyla wanted to try it out...

Ok, so she didn't really care for it that much :)  How about the cheesehead?

Cracker in hand.  How fitting!

Kirsten sent some little classic Disney books along with her parents for Kyla.  They are so cute!  And Kyla absolutely loves them.  She seriously plays with them for 10 minutes straight.  That's a long time for her little attention span!  She doesn't even eat them.  That much.  She just likes looking at them and turning the pages.  If you've read my blog before, you know that I don't just post one picture of her doing something.  I can never decide because they're all so cute, so I post several.  Of the same thing.  Sorry.  I just can't help it.

Look Mom, Alice in Wonderland!

Oh, Pinocchio!

I like the box they came in too!

Good thing we didn't toss it, Sharon!  She really does love opening and closing it!

With part of my Amazon gift cards I had from Swagbucks, I got this DVD...

 We are learning how to sign!  We watch a little bit every morning.  Kyla sits and actually watches for about 5 minutes and laughs at the TV.  I do the signs with them so she'll look at me and then back at the TV.  I know she won't get it for awhile, but I still think it's valuable.  I'm happy with the 5 minutes we get out of it every day.  Then she's off playing!

Kyla got to see her cousins for a little bit today.  Her and Emma matched!  What a great picture :)

We got rid of the spare bed and that room is now a toy room!  Yay!  I tried organizing it a little bit tonight, but Tyler's gone so Kyla was in there with me.  She was into everything BUT her toys when I was working.  So I didn't get much accomplished.  As soon as I sat down on the floor with her though, then her toys are cool again!  I'll post pictures of the toy room tomorrow.  But here are a few from us playing in there tonight.

Climbing up Mommy!

One of her new favorite toys
 When we were at my mom's tonight, we brought a few toys home from her house for Kyla.  Gianna had to "Ok" each one though.  Grandpa would ask her if Kyla could have each one and she would decide.  Kyla loves her "new" keys!

 Please excuse the Nasty McNast Mom in the next couple of photos...

Mmm Mom, I love you so much!


  1. That picture of Emma and Kyla is so adorable. Emma really loves her cousin. I think Kyla's daddy will love the packer pictures haha.

  2. haha....I'm the exact same way---every picture is so cute I just have to post them all!

    Can't wait to see the new toy room!


  3. The packer hats helped!

  4. Can't wait to see the toy room!

    Congrats on 100 posts! Sign language is awesome, kaylee did awesome with it & it made life so much easier & I've been working on it with Keira for about a month & she is doing great.

    Sweet N Saasy Girls

  5. Yay on all the basement progress - looking good! Can't wait to see pictures of the toy room. You will love having that and just being able to close the door on days when you don't feel like picking it up! :)

    Have fun with the sign language. I did that with the girls too and it was so helpful!

  6. You are not McNasty! LOL.
    Marco had those books too... but the Sesame Street ones. I loved them... hours of entertainment.

  7. Those crayola building block things Raya picked out we got at TJ I'm not really sure which section you'd find them in because TJ Maxx just has one aisle of random stuff haha--but they are very cool so I bet Kyla would like them!