November 22, 2011

Hand print turkeys, do-a-dots, and following cousin around...

The common Monday Migraine kept me from blogging last night.  I didn't have anything exciting to say anyway.  I was in bed by 8:30!

Gianna came over today!  I always love when she comes.  She's so funny!  We started out the morning painting with do-a-dots!  She LOVES these!  I printed out a bunch of sheets for her to paint.  

She wanted to paint one for Grandma to hang on her fridge :)

Doesn't she do such a great job coloring?  She's only 3!  I'm always impressed with how well she stays in the lines!

Then we took a trip to Michael's.  I asked Gianna to go get Kyla some shoes and she brought her pink cowboy boots.  They are one of very few shoes that I can actually get on her feet so we went with them :)

Kyla had so much fun with her big cousin!  She wanted to do everything Gianna was doing.

This is when Kyla was crawling up Gianna and was sitting on her leg.  Gianna did not like that.  At all.  

This is Gianna checking to see if I'm watching.  And then about five seconds later she pulled her foot out from under Kyla and kicked her.  Not real hard, but hard enough to knock Kyla over.  I guess this is what it's like to have sisters!  The younger one wants to do whatever the older one is doing and the older one is annoyed.

Mmm, do-a-dot ice cream :)

SO excited!
And both of their favorite games...pushing Kyla around in the walker.  Gianna's imagination was in full effect.  She was pushing Kyla around and then would bring her through the "drive through", then they'd go park in the "garage", then they had to go do their "homework".  She would get right in Kyla's face and say "Do you want to go backwards Kyla?  Wouldn't that be fun?"  It was adorable!

I found a cute, but easy Thanksgiving project on Pinterest.  Kyla wasn't too thrilled with me painting her hands for this.  Ok, she hated it.  She cried.  And I did it right before naptime.  But we got it done and Daddy's going to hang it up in his office tomorrow.  I think it turned out cute.  I forgot to get googly eyes at Michael's so I had to draw them on.  And I am probably the least artistic person ever.  But Daddy doesn't mind :)

Gianna made one too but I forgot to take a picture of it.  Bummer!  Hers says "I'm thankful for Mommy, Daddy and My Emma".  I love when she calls her "My Emma".  She insisted on writing it that way.

I always love our conversations when we go somewhere too.  Here is our conversation on the way home from Michael's:

Gianna:  Auntie, remember when you had a big belly when Kyla was in your belly?
Me:  Yeah, I do remember that!
Gianna:  When was Kyla born?
Me:  January 9th
Gianna:  She's going to be big like me!
Me:  Yes, she is!  Maybe when she's big like you, she'll be a big sister!
Gianna:  Are you going to have another baby Auntie?
Me:  I hope so!
Gianna:  What are you going to call her?
Me:  I don't know, what do you think is a good name?
Gianna:  Umm, Emma!
Me:  We already have an Emma, silly!
Gianna:  You should have a boy one.
Me:  That would be cool!  What should we name him?
Gianna:  Umm, Matt!
Me:  That's your Daddy's name, silly!
Gianna:  That's ok, I like that name.

In other news, we're having Tyler's family over on Sunday for Thanksgiving so my to-do lists have been created and just keep getting longer.  His mom is cooking the turkey so that's one less thing I have to worry about.  There will only be 7 of us, so nothing big, but it's my first time really hosting a family holiday.

Kyla has another cold.  I think she's got two more teeth coming in on top.  I think it might be a long couple of nights the next few nights.  She can't breathe through her nose, poor thing!

Who's going shopping at midnight Thursday night?  I still think I might.  At least to Target.  We'll see.  But if you want some great deals from the comfort of your own couch, join my Thirty-One group page.  There is something for everyone on your Christmas list!  I have deals going on all day Friday!  I've already posted them so you can plan ahead.  Sales, specials and free stuff galore!  It's a private group, but just ask to join and I will accept you :)

Oh yeah, I haven't started watching the DWTS finale!  I'm about to go watch!  I can't wait to see who wins.  I think they are all three great.  I really like JR and would be happy if he won, but I don't really care for Karina, which makes me not want them to win.  And Ricki's ok.  I think I really want Rob to win!  Ok, I don't think I do, I really do!  I'm just a little embarrassed to say that.  I love watching him dance!  And I love Cheryl!  I'm not sure he'll have the viewer's votes though.  We'll see :)


  1. your little niece is so cute! Sounds like the two girls had a lot of fun together. I like the cute little turkey you made with your daughter. :)

  2. The turkey turned out super cute!

    I hated Rob in the beginning but he slowly grew on me and I ended up liking him. I'm really happy with who won! :-)