October 2, 2011

WI sports: 2 Everyone else: 0

My cousin, Eileen, posted that on her Facebook page yesterday and I loved it.  Hopefully she doesn't mind that I borrowed it :)

Sorry there was no post yesterday.  I had someone tell me the other day they look forward to reading my blog every day and are sad when there isn't a new post.  So I apologize.  I had a busy day!

I had a GREAT time at the Brewer game.  The game was unbelievable and just being in Miller Park during the playoffs is amazing!  They won 4-1.  I went with my brother and two of his friends so I got to enjoy some interesting stories the entire day.  And my interesting, I mean crazy, manly, disgusting stories.  We'll leave it at that.  The Brewer victory was all worth it though.

1-0 baby!

I didn't get home until about 6:30 and the Badger game started at 7:00 and didn't get over until about 10:30.  So, this is my excuse for not blogging.  I was too into the game and couldn't concentrate on writing anything.  Oh yeah, and the Badger?  Well, they pretty much dominated Nebraska!  So great!

I missed Kyla and was so happy to see her.  She had a great time with Grandma, but she wanted me to hold her the whole rest of the night.  Every time I went in to a different room, I think she thought I was leaving again.  Love my Momma's girl :)

Today Tyler went to the Brewer game and Kyla and I are just staying in, getting a bunch of laundry done and watching the game.  I love how good she is.  She took a good nap this morning, has been so happy just playing and talking and now just went down for another nap with no fussing.  She's awesome.  I love days like this :)

Thank you to those of you who left comments on Friday with questions or blog topics.  If you didn't see that post, I am asking all of you to ask me questions or tell me what you'd like me to write about.  Check the post out here and leave me a comment.  Thanks :)

I will answer a couple of the questions I've got so far today and will do a few more later.

Where did you and your hubby meet and how did he propose?
Tyler and I met in college in 2003.  We both played basketball and saw each other once in awhile in the gym.  I said something to my best friend about him and she said she thought her boyfriend at the time knew him.  And it turns out her boyfriend and Tyler played baseball together.  So we added each other on MSN Messenger (haha) and started talking and hanging out.  And we've been together ever since!

In September of 2005, Tyler was working full time and I had one year of college left, but we were living together.  I was working a part time job at night so we didn't see each other a whole lot.  On Labor Day that year, we were finally both going to have a day off to spend together.  So Tyler nervously waited for me to wake up that morning.  I came out on the couch and he popped the question.  He wanted to propose right away in the morning so we had all day to celebrate.  It was perfect.  Nothing crazy or extravagant, but perfect.  He knew me so well and knew that's exactly what I would have wanted.  Less than a year later, on July 15, 2006, we were married and had an awesome celebration with our family and friends.

I had a couple people asking about the holidays...

What's Kyla going to be for Halloween? What are some things you plan on getting her for Christmas? How about how you plan on enjoying K's first holidays? Anything special? 

I have NO idea what Kyla is going to be for Halloween.  I've been checking out all the costumes, but haven't found anything I like.  We're just going to my mom's that night to help hand out candy so we're not going trick-or-treating this year, but I'd like to get her a costume for pictures at least.  Without spending a lot.  So, I'll let you all know what I find.

For Christmas, I am so excited to spend Christmas morning here at home with just the three of us.  Tyler and I have always traveled for the holidays because our families live almost 4 hours from each other.  Christmas Eve we'll go to my mom's and then come home that night in time for Santa to come.  I know Kyla won't really know what's going on, but we're going all out.  Cookies.  Milk.  Carrots.  Can't wait!  We will wake up Christmas morning and open presents and just be thankful for Kyla being here with us and for all of our blessings.  Other than that, that's all we have planned so far. 

I'm not sure what we'll get Kyla yet.  I want to get her a little table and chairs for our toy room for her to color on and do puzzles and stuff.  I also want to get her one of those Pottery Barn comfy chairs with her name on it.  I'm sure we'll get her other little stuff, but those are the two things I have in mind right now.

Thanks again to those of you who asked questions!  I will answer more in a few days!  Tomorrow is giveaway #2 and I'm so excited!  Oh yeah, and we will be dreading celebrating somebody's 29th birthday.  AHHHH!

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  1. 29th birthdays are great, I have had 17 of them so far ;)

    When Al, Aaron, and Jill were babies, they wore a hooded sweatshirt with some sort of ears attached. Eye liner makes great whiskers.