October 5, 2011

What is it about grass?

Thank you all for the thoughtful comments about my Grandpa.  He will surely be missed, but is at peace now. 

I have a couple more questions that were asked on my You Ask, I'll Tell post.  Thanks for being patient for the answers :)

I'm curious how you came up with the name Kyla :-) Also what is your boy and girl name choices for possible baby #2?

Tyler and I went to college with a Kyla and that was the only time we'd heard it.  We really liked the K first name with the K last name.  We liked Kylie, but it's pretty popular lately and I wasn't thrilled with a first name ending in the e sound because our last name does too.  Tyler and I talked about names a little bit when we first found out we were pregnant, but decided not to really focus on it until after we found out the sex of the baby.  After we knew it was a girl, I brought up Kyla on the way up north one day and thought he wouldn't like it, but to my surprise, he loved it!  And we never changed it after that.  We knew it was perfect.

We already have a boy name picked out, but I better not share.  I'm horrible with surprises, but Tyler would probably be mad if I told.  We don't agree on ANY girl names.  So I'm sure we'll have another girl, which is ok by me.  Tyler really wants a boy.  And since I just turned 29, I think we need another one before I turn 30.  What do you think?  :)

If you were given $100 that you had to spend right away, what would you buy?

Good question!  Realistically, I'd probably spend it on Kyla.  I usually hate shopping, but I love shopping for her.  I'd buy her a winter jacket.  I keep putting it off because the ones I like are way too expensive.  That wouldn't take up the whole $100 so the rest I would use to take Tyler out to eat.  We don't do that very often anymore.  Wow, I'm boring!

Now I need to rant about DWTS.  Kristin went home last night, which is absolutely crazy!  I can't complain too much I guess because I don't vote, but seriously people?  She was by far in the top 3 as far as best dancers.  Which I believe is what the show is about, right?  I swear if Chaz and Nancy don't go home next, I am done.  DONE!  I'd prefer Nancy go first because I just can't handle her.  The voice.  The massive cleavage.  The voice.  Kill me now! 

Remember this picture?

Well, I thought I'd give sitting in the grass another try.

She didn't love it, but she didn't really mind it at first.

She made sure her hands didn't touch.

She would lean forward like she wanted to crawl out of there, but as soon as her hands got close to the grass, she sat back up.

So her mean mom took her hand and put it on the grass and said "See Kyla, it's ok".  Oops.

"I can't believe you did that to me, Mommy!"
I remember Gianna being the same way with grass.  Silly girl!

My brother and sister-in-law gave me a little booster seat and Kyla loves it!  She thinks she's pretty hot stuff sitting at the table with the big people.

Don't mind the crazy hair.
This green shirt is her first hand-me-down she's been able to wear from her cousin, Gianna.  There are matching leggings, but she puked on them earlier in the day.

We were having a bad hair day.

Excuse me Mom, Mickey is on!

The basement is completely primed and ready for paint!  I'm hoping to buy the paint tomorrow so I can work on it at night when Kyla goes to bed next week.  I'll slowly but surely get it done.  I'm determined to decorate for Christmas down there.  Once the painting is done though, I think it will go pretty fast.

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  2. Happy belated birthday, Amy! Did you hear that Derek Hough is dating Lauren Conrad?! Love it!


  3. I LOVE the name Kylie! Am I destined to have little red head girls too?

  4. I laugh every time I see her in the grass...her faces are priceless!!!

    I'm the same way--spend my money on the girls usually LOL.