October 13, 2011

Thankful Thursday

I know I have said many times how thankful I am for my mom.  But honestly, she is amazing!  I'm not going to list all of the reasons, but just know that I would be lost without her.

She's been my biggest support system since the day I was born and she continues to be there for me.  She just bought a bunch of Thirty-One stuff just so I can add it to my kit to show at parties.  We got it today and my little models helped show it off...

My Cindy Tote that I'm going to use for parties for all my order forms, catalogs, etc.  I love it!  I'm getting a scarf to tie on it soon too!

The new 5th Avenue purse!  So pretty!

Mini Retro Metro bag...love the purple flowers.  Would also be adorable with a name embroidered in purple letters.  I think I caught Gianna with the CHHH in CHEESE!

I LOVE this thermal tote!

Flat iron case

Organizing Utility Tote that is on special this month
We got some more stuff, but this is all I took pictures of.  Of course everything is nicer in person, especially the 5th Avenue purse.

Thank you so much for everything Mom!  I can't wait for my first party next Thursday!

In other news, Kyla has been busy hiding on me.  She likes to crawl under and behind things now.

She crawled behind our basket shelf drawer thing and was digging through Daddy's papers.  I kinda forgot they were back there.  Looks like Daddy needs a Thirty-One bag to organize his papers :)

I put some pillows up hoping to keep her out of there.  Yeah right!

Then she crawled under Grandma's end table today.

Silly girl!  She's really starting to pull herself up more now too.  While she was crawling to Tyler tonight on the kitchen floor, she kept trying to stand up on her own.  She would put one foot on the floor and try pushing herself up on her feet.  It didn't work so then she'd crawl again.  You can tell she wants to walk so bad!

In painting news, the bathroom is done and the rest of the basement ceiling is trimmed.  We have now tried three different samples and I don't like any of them.  I decided I really just want what is in our living room upstairs.  We found an old can that the previous owners used to paint it so I'm going to take it in to Home Depot tomorrow and just tell them that's what I want.  I didn't take pictures of the bathroom yet.  There's not much lighting in there so it's hard to tell right now.  I'm hoping it'll be completely done next week!


  1. Love your Thirty One models!!! And that Kyla girl cracks me up, she is a blast!!!!

  2. Amy, I have to tell you the picture of Kyla in the corner looks like Sharon's baby pictures.

  3. Ohh... I want the 5th Avenue purse!

  4. love the 5th avenue purse, so cute!

    Keira does the same thing she likes to crawl under the tables and lays there, I think she's trying to hide from Kaylee

    Sweet N Sassy Girls