October 18, 2011

Know the facts

Kyla and I got out of the house today and did some shopping.  We also stopped at Alice (where I worked before being a SAHM).  It was nice to see some of my old coworkers.  Kyla had a good time crawling around and under some desks. 

Emma and Gianna are coming over tomorrow so I got some stuff from Michael's to do projects tomorrow with them.  It should be fun :)

We also went to Target and I got some great deals with my coupons.  I love the Swiffer Duster spray, which is usually $4.49 (rip off).  I had a buy one get one free coupon and a $1.00 off coupon and I could use both since I got two cans (even though one was free).  So I ended up only paying $3.49 for two cans!  SWEET!

I got Kyla a winter jacket too...

She has been such a chatter box the last couple days.  She's saying ba ba ba ba all the time, but I swear today I heard dada through the monitor!  I can't wait for her to start talking even more.  I love hearing her little, sweet voice!

I'm amazed how much she is standing now too.  She let go of the couch today and stood up without holding on for a few seconds before falling on her butt.  I just love sitting on the floor watching her explore.

I didn't take many pictures today because she has a cold and had a snotty nose all day.  She was miserable before bed tonight.  Her nose was stuffy, eyes were watering and all she wanted was for Mommy to hold her.  I think it's going to be a long night!  I hope she wakes up feeling better!

On a completely different topic, on my drive to Target today, for some reason I was thinking about how I haven't done my self breast exams.  I know, weird thing to talk about (and I'm sorry if it makes anyone uncomfortable), but it's so important!  I must have heard something on the radio or something to make me think of it.  I don't remember.  But when I got home, I read one of my favorite blogs Why I Wear Pink, which is written by a very brave woman I know, Katie.  She is a breast cancer survivor.  She posted today that we lose one woman every 75 seconds to breast cancer.  That is INSANE!

I had a fairly large lump removed in 2006, which thankfully was benign.  I had never really done self exams and my doctor found it during a physical and couldn't believe I had never noticed it.  Since it was so large, they were concerned about it and wanted to have it surgically removed.  I am really embarrassed to say that even after that, I have not done my exams like I should.  There's no reason not to.  Early detection is possible and so incredibly important.  Today was the reminder I needed that a monthly self exam and an annual physical are so necessary!

Every woman needs to know the facts. And the fact is, when it comes to breast cancer, every woman is at risk.  Do your exams!


  1. Great post amy! Thanks for the reminder that I know I deffinately needed. :)

  2. Thanks for the promo! I'm glad that I reminded you to do your exam. I couldn't believe that statistic either!

    Love the Swiffer deal, I am going to have to check it out.

    Kyla is beautiful, even with the snotty nose. Hope she is feeling better soon.

  3. Your daughter is gorgeous! I love the red hair (I'm a red head). Thanks for the reminder on the self breast-exam. So important.