October 25, 2011

Just one of those days...

I am getting sick :(  I have a sore throat and a stuffy nose.  And I swear I've had a headache 12 out of the last 14 days.  It's getting really old.  Of course the day that I feel like a truck hit me, my baby decides she doesn't need to take any naps!  She laid down for about 30 minutes this afternoon, but I don't think she slept. 

I had a long list for Target and had a very unsuccessful trip.  Someone must have came to my house and copied my list and went in right before me and literally cleared the shelves of everything I needed.  Seriously.  Kyla's formula?  Completely gone.  Chex mix for my open house on Thursday?  Empty shelf.  New queen bed sheets in the color I need?  The first two I wanted...GONE!  So I ended up getting the expensive ones.  They better be comfortable, damnit!  I could have gone somewhere else, but I felt like crap and just wanted to get home.  And to top it all off, I forgot my coupons!  I had to pay full price for toilet bowl cleaner AND some Gerber food.  Unacceptable!

Oh, what else can I complain about today?  Oh yeah, how could I forget?  The washer was supposed to get fixed today and they called and canceled and rescheduled for Thursday. 

Sorry I'm a debbie downer today.  I do realize that these problems really aren't "problems".  On my way to Target today I was thinking about how boring I am on my blog.  And then I realized that it's a good thing.  I could have a lot more crazy, dramatic stories, but I'm ok with my boring life.  Haha.  I truly am thankful for everything I have and my wonderful, loving family.  It was just one of those days, ya know?  Thanks for letting me complain :)

Please leave me a comment and tell me how your day was.  Somebody's gotta have something fun to share to brighten the mood...


  1. Boring blog is good. The only time my blog got exciting was when I had a wreck ( I remember being wedged in the truck, hoping I would have a picture for my blog!),missed Christmas, strapped to a backboard,undressed by EMTs, fought with the insurance company and the state for 10 months...I am thankful for your boring blog :)
    Aaron is home for fall break, he got a haircut and that's the most exciting thing that happened to us today.

  2. We went to the library today and then ate McDonalds LOL...not sure that counts as "exciting" but Raya and I *did* share a McFlurry which makes a good day in my book :-)


  3. Following you from the Give a Hoot Wednesday Blog Hop! Cute blog!!
    Swanky Baby

  4. Sorry you are having a bad day:( I hope today is better and that you are feeling better. Happy Wednesday!

  5. Sorry it hasn't been a good day, hope you get to feeling better soon! Just started following you from the Give a Hoot Wednesday blog hop.