October 27, 2011

Seriously?! Thursday

I'm linking up with Becky tonight for Seriously?! Thursday.  I don't have a lot going on tonight, but a few things made me say Seriously?! today.

1.  Seriously, what happened to good customer service?  I won't get into the whole ordeal, but let's just say I'm not too happy with American TV today.  They were the ones to come "fix" our washer a month ago and come again today to fix a "different issue".  I was told I wouldn't have to pay another $50 trip charge, but guess what?  The guy wouldn't leave my house unless I paid him.  After arguing with him for a good five minutes, I just wanted the scumbag him out of my house.  So I called where they told me I wouldn't have to pay it.  And they said well, we aren't the technicians so it's up to them whether you pay it or not if it's a different issue.  Oops, I forgot I wasn't going to get into the whole ordeal, sorry!  Anyway, the "technician" was an A-hole and the guy on the phone was a D-bag.  And now we are $50 poorer because I lost the battle.  The funniest part was the technician said he could change the numbers around a little bit so I asked him what exactly that meant.  He said he could take away the trip charge and increase the labor.  Really?  Gee, thanks!  Does that trick REALLY work on other women or whoever else you like to screw over?  Wow.

2.  I know the Bachelor isn't going to air until January, but I seriously want to go one (just one) season without reading the spoilers.  Can someone come over to my house and block Reality Steve's website for me?  I really want to try watching it without knowing what's going to happen.  But the temptation is just too much for me every season.  And then I immediately regret reading it.  Anyone else read the spoilers?

3.  I had a Thirty-One open house tonight and had a great time.  Thanks to everyone who came!  My main reason for signing up to sell it was just to have "me" time and girls nights.  It was great to just sit around and chit chat.  And of course share my love for all the products!

Sorry for the short post, but now, I must get my pj's on, curl up on the couch AND...

That's right, catch up on my celebrity gossip!  My mom saves them for me because she's awesome like that.

What made you say Seriously?! today?  There's gotta be something...

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