October 20, 2011

I'm late...

Not that kind of late...sorry, I couldn't resist.

I recently received the Blog on Fire Award from Amy at Tangled Up In You.  Thanks, Amy!  Sorry it took me awhile to blog about it.

The rules for redeeming/accepting this award are:
Write 7 things about yourself
Pass this on to 10 other bloggers

I tried to think of 7 things that I don't blog about all the time.  Here's what I came up with....

1.  I feel like since becoming a mom, I've changed quite a bit.  When I asked Tyler what he thought, he said I'm still the same person, just have different priorities.  I guess that makes sense.  I never would have blogged, clipped coupons or done crafty things before.  And I've always hated shopping, but now I enjoy it.  Although I think that's just because I like getting out of the house.

2.  We don't plan on being in our current house long term.  In fact, we were just talking the other night about a time frame for buying a new house.  I think after we have our second baby we will get our house ready to go on the market and then go from there.  We like our house now and obviously are finishing the basement so it will be even better, but it's still pretty small and we'd like to get closer to Madison.  We'd like to have at least 3 kids, maybe 4, so I'd love to have a 4 bedroom house.  I don't want to have to stress about having our house up for sale while pregnant or right when I have our next baby so I think we'll wait until we feel "settled" as a family of 4.  

3.  I am so freaking excited for Christmas this year!  I've been begging Tyler to put our lights up outside.  Don't worry, I won't turn them on yet.  After Halloween though?  Probably :)  I could browse around the Christmas stuff at any store for hours.  Speaking of Christmas, that reminds me, I need to get our stockings ordered from Pottery Barn!

4.  I collect Willow Trees, but they are now all stacked in one spot in my house because Kyla likes to get her hands on them, bang them on things and eat them.  On the plus side, I don't really need to dust because she cleans the dust off with her little hands trying to reach them.

5.  Tyler and I read Goodnight Moon to Kyla every night.  We, I mean she, LOVES it!  When we were painting downstairs, I needed Tyler's small brush for a second so I simply said "I need your brush."  He replied with "You can have my brush.  And my bowl full of mush."  That is when I knew it might be time to start a new bedtime story :)

6.  Remember about a month ago when our washer wasn't working and I dreadfully had to go to the laundry mat?  Guess what's not working again?  UGH!  They can't come look at it until next Tuesday.  I'm hoping maybe my mom will let me come over on Sunday and do laundry at her house since Tyler and Brian will be at the farm.  Mom?  Please?  It will bring us back to my college days.  It will be so much fun :)

7.  I have my first Thirty-One party tonight and I'm SOOOO excited!  It's at my mom's, but I'm still really pumped.  And a little nervous!

Now I get to share the award with 10 of my favorite blogs!


  1. You totally listed the blogs in order of coolness, didn't you? :-) Thanks for the award!

    I think you should list your house on the market when your 2nd baby is about 1 week old. Trust me, it's super fun :-P

    I looooooove Christmas too! I almost bought a sock monkey 1st Christmas ornament the other day, but then held myself back LOL

    Shawna (Girls Just Wanna Have Fun)

  2. Thanks for passing the award along! I will have to think about what to share! :)

    Love the title of this post...haha! :)

  3. Thanks for including me! I've wanted to tell you that aside from your little K being adorable, I love reading your blogs. You're (almost) always a ray of sunshine... so positive and encouraging. And everything you write on other people's blogs is too! Thanks!

  4. Thank you for the award =)
    I cant wait for Christmas either. I love this time of year

    Sweet N Sassy Girls

  5. Thanks so much for the award! Hopefully I'll have a chance to blog my 7 fun things soon ... Jemma has me running like crazy these days :)