October 19, 2011

Grandma's three little Halloweeny girls

We did not have a good night last night.  Kyla was up at 10:15, 11:15, 2:30 4:30 and 6:30.  She was just so miserable with her cold.  I would just sit her upright on my chest and rock her.  I think it helped her breathe and calm her down and then she'd go back to sleep.  I hope tonight is better!

She's still cute as ever though!

Her new thing, as of today, is to stand up behind her walker and walk it around the living room.  I couldn't believe it.  She was pushing it all over the place!  Of course when I got the video camera out so Tyler could see her, she stopped.

Always so happy in her high chair...

Living up to the name on the bib I guess...

Poor thing :(

She lost her pants because she got a hold of my can of Coke and dumped the entire thing all over her lap.  I set it there for like 10 seconds.  Can't get away with anything around here!
Emma and Gianna came over today and we had a lot of fun!  The main mission was to make a Halloween footprint canvas picture for my mom.  I got the idea from Joeylee at Sweet N Sassy Girls.

Last night I painted the canvas two coats of black so it had plenty of time to dry.

 Then the fun part!  I didn't get a picture of doing Gianna and Emma's feet, but Emma took a picture of me painting Kyla's foot.  She wasn't so sure about this.  I think the girls' favorite part was me carrying them to the bathtub to wash their foot.

I think they turned out great!  I did have to fill them in a little bit.

Added some sparkly stickers...

In case you couldn't tell who's footprint was who's, I labeled them for you :)

A pretty orange flower to make it a little more colorful...

And finally, some sparkly orange ribbon so Grandma can hang it up!  Oh, and notice the eyes and orange bows on top of the ghosts.

I had extra canvas and figured since I had the girls painted feet out, I'd make one for my brother and sister-in-law.  I didn't have enough L's to use stickers so I had to settle for my not-so-fancy written letters.  And Emma's foot didn't turn out great on this one so I had to fill it in.  Her foot isn't really that fat.

Remember here when Gianna painted a G on canvas to put in her bedroom?  Well, I promised Emma she could do one too so we did that today too.

Got the tape ready for the big E!

She's got an audience...

Kyla had just got up from a nap...notice the bed head :)
 Great job Emma!  I love it!

Gotta add a little sparkle...

Time to play!

Our attempt at a cousins picture :)  They all dressed for the festivities!

Thank goodness for the walker!  Emma and Gianna pushed Kyla around in this thing for probably a good hour.  They were giving her a "tour" and then were playing house with her.  It was so cute.  And Kyla loved every second of it.  It worked out well for me too.  Not much made her happy today, but she sure loved this!

 We had extra white paint already poured so I let them paint with old toothbrushes, q tips and grapes.

 Kyla supervised.

Emma putting finishing touches on her project and Gianna take a snack break.

This lasted about 30 seconds.  Too cold outside today for sidewalk chalk.  Emma wrote "I hope Kyla feels better."  Sweetheart.

 And lastly, my not-so-baby-like baby saying hi to the girls outside.

What a fun day!  I told Amber it was a good indicator of what having three kids will be like.  Fun, but exhausting!  And MUCH harder to keep a tidy house!

Oh, and Grandma loved her Halloween canvas with her three precious granddaughters' footprints!


  1. what a great idea!!! you are such a great mom amy!!!

  2. That was so entertaining to read! Thanks for sharing
    Love you

  3. Looks like a fun day! Love the cat face on Kyla's butt hehe.

    As far as me getting boots on Brielle, don't worry. I bet Kyla just has chubby feet/legs like Raya did. I always had to buy boots like 2 sizes bigger than her foot just to get them on LOL. Raya still has trouble wearing boots that zip up b/c they are often too tight! I have no idea why shoe makers don't take into account that babies have chub :-)


  4. Amy you are such a wonderful daughter. You are a great mommy too. Kyla is so lucky to have you and Tyler as her parents. I love love love the canvas painting. Hope that baby feels better.
    Love ya

  5. Amy, what a CUTE idea! Love it! Emma did such a pretty job on her "E" canvas too! (Love Gianna's bed head! I wouldn't have noticed if you didn't say - too cute!)

  6. The Halloween sign turned out so cute!! good job mama. looks like the girls had a fun day!

    Sweet N Sassy Girls

  7. I love the foot idea. It's so creative.

    I'm stopping by from the blog hop. I'm a new follower.

    Hope you can check me out at