October 21, 2011

Dear Migraines, you win...

I apologize but I have nothing exciting to blog about tonight.  I did have my first Thirty-One party last night, which is pretty awesome!  It was a great time minus my massive migraine.  It (the headache, not the party) started at about 3:00 yesterday afternoon and I soon realized it wasn't going to be pretty.  I did my best to be happy and outgoing.  The drive home was the worst.  I thought I was going to have to pull over to throw up several times.  I got home and went straight to bed.  A huge thank you to my mom for hosting a party and for everyone who came! 

I have suffered from headaches/migraines since college.  I blame my Aunt Sharon for them.  My mom gets them once in awhile too.  I have headaches a lot, but occasionally I get a migraine and am completely out of commission.  Not fun!  While I was pregnant and then breastfeeding though, I didn't have many.  I look forward to that again!

I still had the remnants of the headache today and Kyla still wasn't feeling great so we took it easy.  We ventured out to the post office and bank and otherwise stayed in our pj's and played.

And now I'm going to put Kyla to bed, take a hot bath and curl up on the couch and catch up on all my dvr'd shows.  Here I come Jersey Shore, Survivor, Modern Family and Grey's Anatomy (in no particular order)!  I hope I can stay awake for all of them.  I wouldn't want to miss out on Snooki's latest antics, haha :)

Have a good weekend everyone!

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  1. Sorry about the migraines... one of my very best friends suffers from them too. She has been to many doctors and tried many remedies. I hope you can find one that helps you. Love my dvr. It is my salvation. Take care!