September 24, 2011

Wisconsin pride

How great is it to be a Wisconsin sports fan?  Badgers go to the Rose Bowl, Packers win the Superbowl and the Brewers just won the NL Central.  It doesn't get much better.  Well, actually it can get better, but we're not getting ahead of ourselves here...

Tyler went to the Badger game today and came home with gifts for his girls.  He said he couldn't turn this down for Kyla...

The Badgers play Nebraska next week in a HUGE game at Camp Randall so he said Kyla needed this for the big game :)

And I'm going to the first Brewer playoff game so Tyler bought me this.  What a sweetheart!  Who needs flowers or jewelry?  This is my kind of gift!

While Daddy was at the game today, Kyla and I went to my mom's to watch the game and play with her cousins.  She was so good, but decided she didn't need a nap so we came home a little early.  Tyler and his brother got home from the game and Kyla was SO wound up!  We've never seen her so crazy.  She was talking up a storm, crawling and climbing all over the place and panting like a dog.  She was definitely showing off for Uncle Trevor!  She got to bed a little later than usual, but she will hopefully sleep well tonight after all that hard work :)

I couldn't get any good pictures of her today because she was always on the move.  But I got this one tonight.  I had just taken her pigtails out so that explains the crazy hair!

On a very sad note, while I was in Darlington today at my mom's, I drove through town and instantly got goosebumps seeing all of the yellow ribbons all over town.  Earlier this week a Darlington soldier was killed in Afghanistan.  It was so neat to see the community come together to honor a true hero and one of their own.  He lost his life fighting for my family and for this country and I am grateful for his sacrifice.  Seeing all of those ribbons made me very proud to be from such a great, small town!


  1. Love the clothes! You are so right, those yellow ribbons gave me tears when I saw them. Jakob was a true hero and will be missed by all.

  2. Oh by the way Tyler, what did you buy your mother-in-law to wear while she babysits so you can go to the badger game and amy to the brewer game???