September 18, 2011

What a difference two days makes...

On Friday, I told you all that Kyla was officially a crawler.  Well, she wasn't moving very far or fast, but I was happy to announce that she took three crawling "steps" and made her way across the living room.  Now, two days later, we have a little girl who is not only crawling all over the place, but getting into everything!

She loves to go over to the tv stand and bang on it and push the buttons on the dvr.  Normally I wouldn't care if she was banging on it, but there is a shelf right about at her eye level that she is so close to hitting her head on.  She's still a little unstable at times so I can just see her falling forward and cracking her face open.  We're learning the word "No" real quick .

We had a crappy, rainy day today so we took a trip to Gander Mountain for Daddy to drool look over the hunting stuff.  He had a gift card to use (thanks Aunt Joan) and ended up getting a jacket.  We stopped by Babies R Us and got a new humidifier.  Hopefully it will help the stuffy nose!  I wanted to stop at Home Depot to check out the paint colors for the basement.  I didn't settle on anything yet, but have a good idea of what I/we want.

Kyla still has her stuffy nose and watery eyes, but it doesn't seem to be bothering her.  Daddy still has his cold pretty bad.  No signs of it spreading to me yet!

Now that she's on the go, she won't pose for me to take cute pictures.  So I apologize if I have less pictures and they aren't of my precious girl sitting and smiling for me.  She's too busy for pictures. 

Here are a few from today...

 Here she is showing off our good deals we got tonight.

I got each of the Dawn dish soaps for $0.25 and the Green Giant Steamers for $0.75.  The dish soaps are originally $1.25 and I had two $0.50 off coupons.  Each of them doubled to $1.00.  The veggies are originally $1.99 (I think), but were on sale for 4 for $5.00 so $1.25 each.  I had a coupon for $0.50 off if you buy two.  That doubled to $1.00 so I got two for $1.50.  I was pretty pumped about that!  We love these steamers.

Sorry for the incredibly boring post today.  No good excuse really, just a typical lazy Sunday.  We did get our spare bedroom all cleaned out and ready to become a toy room.  Kyla and I are both really excited for that!


  1. (So long ago, but) I remember those "into everything" days. I found it easier to move things than to constantly say "no."

    Scott will be glad to see you buying steamers, they make the packaging at work.


  2. Love her so much!!!! You forgot to mention that the Packers won! That makes up for a rainy dreary day.
    Hugs and kisses-Sharon

  3. Oh man, once they start moving they never stop!!! LOL...she'll keep ya on your toes I'm sure :-) I totally hear you about the lack of cute posed pictures once they start moving...sometimes I wish I could staple their butts to the floor! hehe