September 1, 2011

Thankful Thursday & Game Day

I'm thankful for my mom for offering to come babysit tonight so I can go to the Badger football game with Tyler.  We're going downtown early to get dinner and a drink and I am SO excited!  I feel like I haven't been out forever.  I guess it's been since our anniversary.  Anyway, thank you so much Mom, you're the best!

I'm also thankful for all the other mommy bloggers out there that share their thoughts so I can read them, relate to them and learn from them.  And just enjoy seeing their cute pictures of their kids.  There are a few blogs that I absolutely love and can't wait for them to be updated every day.  Thank you for being honest and willing to share your life and adorable kids.

It doesn't feel right that the first Badger game is going to be in 90 degree weather.  Football means Fall.  I'm ready for jeans and sweatshirts!

Kyla says "GO BIG RED!"

Kinda looks like she was actually saying it :)  She's ready for the big game!

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