September 15, 2011

Thankful Thursday & A Few Frustrations

Kyla, what happened to my baby who sleeps so well?  You've been waking up every night lately.  You used to just need your nuk and you'd fall right back asleep.  Last night it was 1:00 am and you were wide awake, crying.  I picked you up and held you for a little bit and put you back down.  You were ok for a little while, then started crying again.  You've slept through the night since you were 6 weeks old, let's go back to that please :)

Seriously Brewers, get it together!  I still believe you'll make the playoffs, but this is not a great way to go into postseason.  Let's go on a roll here and gain some momentum, what do you say?

Charter, why must you put me in a bad mood?  You're charging us extra every month because we have DVR in our bedroom too and now it doesn't work.  Tyler was watching the Brewer game in bed the other night while I was sleeping.  I heard a Ryan Bruan walk-off home run so I grabbed my glasses and tried rewinding it...just to find out that you suck!  I will be calling you.  Again.  And I will not be my pleasant, worked in Customer Service before so don't like to be rude, self.  Not happy with you. 

And now, what am I thankful for on this beautiful, crisp September day?  Well, a lot, but here are the ones I'm sharing with you today...

1.  Although I'm very angry at Charter right now and am starting to regret switching from Dish, what would I do without our DVR?  I guess I would have to somehow watch my reality shows when they're actually on, which would be difficult since they're usually on when I'm playing with Kyla and then getting her ready for bed.  I guess I'd also have to actually watch commercials instead of fast forwarding through them all.  I guess I wouldn't be able to rewind amazing sports plays.  Oh, what did I ever do without it?  Thank you DVR, I love you (now please just work in the bedroom so I can watch my shows in my warm, comfy bed).

2.  Tuesday night I had a long, hot and very overdue bubble bath.  It was amazing!  Gianna was over on Tuesday and when she's here, it always gives me an idea of what it will be like with two kids.  Exhausting!  But I loved it.  So we put Kyla to bed and I enjoyed an amazing bath while reading some of my favorite blogs on my phone.  Thank you Pink Papaya bubble bath.  You made my night!

3.  I'm thankful that Tyler's meeting got cancelled last night so he could be home with us and read Kyla her bedtime story.

My little hat model was put to work again this morning.  She got a bunch of hats last winter when she was born that were too big, so I wanted to see if they fit her for this winter.

Don't mind the attached mittens :)

Love this one!
We've been loving the Little Pookie books lately too!

Last night I was organizing her closet and hanging up all the new stuff.  I also got a new shelf thing to hang up for shoes and stuff.  While I was doing all that, Kyla was busy taking everything off the changing table...

Help Mommy, I'm stuck!

Her new thing is to bite down on the spoon as hard as she can and not let go.  Last night she was showing off for Daddy at dinner.

Playing with Daddy on the couch

New outfit #1 (The 18 month shirt is almost too small!)

Hi Dolly!

She spotted my soda and was making her way over.

After the hat modeling, we had a little explosion.  She saw her teddy bear that Kirsten gave her and would not stay still for me to change her clothes!

New outfit #2

Reading books before naptime


  1. Seriously, Brielle has been doing the EXACT same thing ever since we started staying at my parents' house! She wakes up like 6 times a night and just wants her paci and falls back asleep. I have no idea why she suddenly started that!

    Love the hats and new outfits....makes me want to go shopping! Kyla reminds me so much of Raya because Raya had the chubby baby belly too so I had to buy separates instead of outfits for her because I always needed a bigger shirt size to fit her belly :-)


  2. Non sleeping babies must be the new trend..haha thanks for the sweet comment you left on my blog. it makes me feel better to write down problems.

    love all the hats, so cute and the new outfits. i agree with Shawna makes me want to go shopping, maybe this weekend =) Keira is starting to wear 18 month stuff. I need to find her some jeans for this fall/winter cause the 12 month ones are going to be to short

    Sweet N Sassy Girls