September 20, 2011

Speaking of Fall...

My little mover and explorer has taken some nasty falls already this morning and it's only 11:15!  She's getting more courage and trying to pull herself up and climb on things.  She hasn't gotten hurt, but I think it sure scares her.  But guess what helps?  Mickey Mouse Clubhouse!  She fell and was crying and all of a sudden the hot dog dance came on and she immediately stopped crying, stared at the tv, and was moving her arms and legs in excitement!

And now that it's over and Momma turned the tv off, she's back at it....

Since I didn't post any pictures of Kyla yesterday, here are a few from this morning.  Her shirt sleeves are a little long :)  I got her after nap time so she sat still for me for a few seconds.

If you didn't see my post from earlier, I linked up to share why I'm excited for fall.  Let me know what you're excited for!

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