September 8, 2011

SERIOUSLY?! Thursday

Kyla and Tyler were sound asleep last night and I was wide awake and blog hopping and found Seriously Thursday on From Mrs. to Mama so I'm linking up with her today.

Several things are making me say Seriously?! today...

1.  We moved Kyla's crib down to the lowest level.  She's growing up way too fast :(

2.  We (or I should say my stepdad Brian) put the gate up by the stairs.  See #1 for my thoughts on this one. 

3.  Our washing machine isn't working and I called to see if someone could come take a look.  They can't come until Tuesday, which means I am going to have to go to the laundry mat.  Again.  Ugh!  Do they not know that I have a drooling, pooping baby?  They also politely told me that it's going to cost $54 just to drive out here.  Then another $25 to inspect what the problem is.  Oh yeah, and then we'll have to pay for them to *actually* fix it and for parts.  Seriously?!

4.  We are so excited to go watch my cousin Kirsten play volleyball on Saturday!  Kyla needs a Judson Volleyball shirt Kirdy Kird, do they make them in a 18 month?  :)

5.  I seriously need to get my motivation to work out back.

6.  I'm going to Miller Park tomorrow.  SERIOUSLY!  First Brewer game of the season.  So.friggen.pumped.

7.  Today is the first Packer game!  Today is also the day that Kyla learns who to cheer for (Packers) and who not to cheer for (Bears).  Sorry Daddy!

8.  Does anybody watch Bachelor Pad?  I read the finale spoilers on and seriously?! 

9.  We recently switched from Dish to Charter.  The wonderful Charter man was filling me in on some sneaky ways that they over charge people on their bill  and to make sure I look at our bill carefully.  I won't post your name friendly Charter guy.  I wouldn't want to get you in trouble.  He was so friendly he said he'd waive our $50 installation fee.  Sweet!  Fast forward a few weeks and we get our bill and I see this:

Installation fee:  $49.99
Installation fee credit $-49.99
Installation fee:  $49.99

BUSTED!  Seriously Charter?  Nice try!  I called and of course they took it off our bill.  Thank you again Mr. Friendly Charter guy.  Lesson learned!

What's making you say Seriously?! today?

Oh yeah, one last thing...this is seriously your LAST chance to enter the giveaway.  I will choose the winner at 2:00 Central Time today.  Here's the post if you want to enter:  Giveaway #1.

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  1. Have a truly faaaaaaaantastic time at the Brewers game! I never saw them play during my two years in Madison, but I just saw them in July when they came to Boston to play the Sox. There was an impressive outpouring of Brewers fans in Beantown that night!