September 25, 2011

Mr. Mommy

Some guest blogger...

I would have hoped for a guest blogger who was a childhood friend of Amy's, or an author of books on childcare in the home- but you got me.  Discontinue reading now if you find the disappointment too overwhelming.

I'm far from Mr. Mommy, but I am happily married to Mrs. Mommy.  Speaking of her, as some of you may have come to know her slightly, she's quite the woman.  First and foremost, she had the genius idea of marrying me just over 5 years ago.  I'm amazed she said "yes" in the first place, but even 5 years later she's still hangin' around- what a trooper!!  All kidding aside, Amy is a fantastic friend and the only person I'd want to share my life with.  Not only that, but I'm really proud that she'll be the mother of my children, and here's hoping our kids get more of her traits than mine.  I've had the last 8 months to see that mother-mode in action, and if I were a teacher, she'd be getting A+'s, and gold stars.

Now to the the real star of the blog, little Kyla.  The day she joined our team was the happiest and scariest day of my life.  I've never been as scared as I was when the nurse was making Amy twist this way and that because Ky's heartbeat was slowing.  Shortly thereafter of course, came the happiest moment of my life when I caught the glimpse of my beautiful daughter.  The days since have flown by, and each day I come home to a different little girl.  First came a smile, then a tooth, then a giggle; I never know what I'll come home to next, but I look forward to it every day. 

It has only been recently where I've actually seen myself in that little cutie (no ego builder intended...).  Talk about a blessing and a curse.  I would think everyone would love to see a little of themselves in their children, but I certainly hate to have my little girl look anything like her old man in any way, shape or form.  Mommy has the looks in this family, I'm sure you already can tell that by some of the photos posted on this blog.

Having two brothers myself, being around nothing but women at home is definitely different.  Not that raising a son would be easier, but in my mind, I would have thought it'd had been better for me since I am familiar with boys in the family.  There's a lot of things about women/girls I don't know (or will ever know, along with 100% of all men), so naturally I'm feeling a little behind the eight ball.  As I mentioned above however, and have said many times before, when it comes to raising our children, my only real job is to not screw up- Amy's got things under control.

Well, I think my time blogging is through.  If anything, I hope you all weren't too disappointed, and I gave Amy the blogger a night off (no nights off for Amy the Mommy).  Since I'm at serious risk of having my man-card revoked as a result of all this family mushi-ness, I feel obligated to say some manly, or gross things just to save face.  So, here goes- hunting, beer, burp and fart.

Mrs. Mommy!!!  Get back here soon!!!


  1. Oh Tyler, I did not know you were so funny and such a good blogger. I hope you guest blog again and give Amy a break from blogging. Like you said, she is a fantastic mommy. Of course,

  2. Love you Tyler!!!