September 12, 2011

Motivated Monday

My little pep talk last night worked!  I planned out our meals for the week and Kyla and I went grocery shopping.  I still need to get a few things from Target.  Some things are so much cheaper at Target and since my mom and I will be out in Madison tomorrow night, I'm going to stop.  It's not always worth driving there for cheaper prices since I have to pay for gas, but if I'm going anyway, it's totally worth it.  For example, Tyler's lunch meat that he likes for his lunches is $1.99 at Target and $3.19 at Burreson's.  Crazy!  And since I make him two sandwiches a day with two slices in each sandwich, we go through a lot!  Soda is about $0.50 cheaper at Target too.

I finally clipped my coupons during Kyla's nap this afternoon.  They had been stacking up for awhile.  I can now get free Degree deodorant at Target.  And I can get my Dawn dish soap for $0.29, Crest toothpaste for free and Green Giant vegetable steamers for less than $1.00 at Burreson's.  See why I get mad at myself when I have to pay full price?  It's just silly not to coupon.

Tyler usually mows the lawn, but I'm going to do it when he gets home from work tonight since I need the exercise.  Plus him and Kyla will enjoy daddy/daughter time since he's gone all day at work.

Meal planning?  Check.  Couponing?  Check.  Workout?  Check (well, mowing is better than nothing and Kyla and I went for a walk today too).

Getting dressed for our walk

See her clothes hamper back there?  Yeah, washer needs fixed ASAP!

May be our last nice day.  60's tomorrow, but we're ok with that.

All ready!

She was getting a little antsy.  Too much picture taking, not enough walking.

Stopped at the park for some swing time

She loves my water bottle!  I think she's always really surprised when I let her suck on it.

I have big plans to turn our spare bedroom into a toy room for Kyla.  I don't mind a few toys in the living room, but they are already taking it over and she's only 8 months old.  Her room really isn't big enough for all her toys either.  We could eventually have her toys downstairs when the basement gets finished (for more about our basement project, go here).  But I'd really like that to be just a big living area for everyone to hang out.

I plan on getting the spare bed out of that room soon (hopefully this weekend).  That's pretty much all that is in there right now.  Then I'd love to paint it.  This room will eventually be baby #2's room (no, I'm not pregnant) so I want to paint it with that in mind.  I'm thinking yellow, but not sure yet.  My mom is getting me two of these book shelves for Christmas and I have a few other things on my wish list for our Tot School/Toy room.

Stay tuned for more on the new toy room.  I will post later with our progress and before and after pictures :)

My little sweetie pie decided to wake up at 5:00 am this morning, screaming.  Usually I can give her the nuk and she goes right back to sleep.  Not this time!  I put the nuk in and left and she was quiet for a couple minutes and then started screaming again.  Tyler went in and she was sitting up with the nuk still in her mouth, screaming.  He laid her down and left.  No luck.  So I got up and fed her and she downed a 6 oz. bottle and then fell back asleep until about 8:30.  I hope this 5:00 feeding isn't the start of a new routine...

Monday means Bachelor Pad.  Finale tonight!  Even though I already know what happens, I'm still excited.  And I'm excited for it to end so Dancing with the Stars can start next week.  And tonight is also the last episode EVER of Kate Plus Eight.  As much as I cannot stand Kate, I still watch.  I can't stop.  So I'm glad they are no longer doing the show so I don't have a choice.

Off to start dinner!  *Patting myself on the back for a productive day*


  1. My mom got Raya that exact same bookshelf for her first xmas :-) We love it, but it definitely fills up fast so getting 2 is a good idea! (They also make double sided ones, which might be an option. It's probably cheaper to do it that way and you could flip it around to reveal a new side every other week or something so she'd think she was always getting new books LOL


  2. Kyla is too cute...i love the pics of her in the swing!!! Sounds like you did have a super productive day...its nice to know that I'm not the only lady I know that cuts the grass too when the hubs needs a break!!!! Awesome job with your coupons too...I need to get better with that!!!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving such a sweet comment - I love meeting new momma bloggers!!