September 10, 2011

Kyla's Godmother Rocks!

Well, my first (but hopefully not last) Brewer game of the season was a dud.  They lost 5-3.  The only excitement I got was waving this ugly awesome towel around every time T. Plush came to bat.

And the only reason that was cool was because it reminded me of October 2008 when the Brewers made the playoffs and I was there waving a towel around.  Slightly different atmosphere last night unfortunately.  I know probably 90% of you reading this could care less about baseball or the Brewers so please feel free to skip my upcoming rant in the next paragraph.  You've been warned.

Since the game was awful, my people watching and eavesdropping were in full effect tonight.  I usually don't do this, I swear!  Anyway, I got a really big kick out of this guy close to us.  He was a thirty-something year old guy who I'm pretty sure was at the game with his mom (not that there's anything wrong with that, it just makes the story funnier).  He takes his baseball a little too seriously though.  Wow!  He was pissed off the entire game.   But the inning ending double play hit by Betancourt in the 4th inning almost put him over the edge.  He was screaming and swearing (from the second level so I'm sure the players could hear him) and throwing his hands up in the air in disgust.  I got a big kick out of it.  The best part?  He was a fairly buff dude.  But I'm almost positive he was wearing a youth/kids jersey.  OMG, I'm laughing thinking about it.  Probably not funny to you, but it made my night.  His mom wasn't listening one bit so he was just going off and nobody was listening.  Well, except the cool lady across the aisle and up a little, who needed some entertainment ;)  Then there were the four guys behind us who decided they needed to let everyone know how fast every pitch was that Marcum threw.  Every.single.pitch.  I really wanted to turn around and let them know that Marcum isn't known for his power and that the pitches in the 70's are called change ups, but I would never really do that.  Plus when I heard one of them say "How long are they going to keep 'this guy' in?" I realized they had no clue what they were talking about.  Why do people have to be so loud and annoying though?  Oh yeah, there were also the two old guys right in front of me complaining about politics the whole time.  That was interesting.  And by interesting, I mean really fricken annoying.

And...welcome back!  Rant over.  Sorry about that.  Hopefully none of you actually wasted one minute of your life reading that.

This morning we went to Beloit to watch my cousin (Kyla's Godmother) Kirsten play volleyball.  She plays for Judson University.  She's awesome.  And not just at volleyball, but pretty much everything.  We love her!

Admiring her pretty purple headband.  Kyla wants to be just like her Godmother some day.  Smart, sweet, athletic and beautiful :)

Remember yesterday when I told you that Kyla gets scared easily?  Well, that was evident again today when we walked in the gym and she freaked out.  Between the whistles, clapping and girls screaming, she wanted out of there.  And fast!  Tyler took her outside for a little bit and then brought her back and we went on the top of the bleachers to get away from the noise a little bit.  She got used to it and was awesome the rest of the time!

We brought her bumbo so she could sit on the bleachers.  She loved it!  It helped that Aunt Sharon let her play with her phone.  Mommy doesn't let her do that so that was pretty cool.  Mean Mom, I know!

My aunt and uncle (Kirsten's parents) are pretty awesome too. They are celebrating their 28th wedding anniversary today.  Happy Anniversary Sharon and Mike!

 Oh, look who now has TWO cell phones! 

She was so sleepy!  She was hugging this cold water bottle like it was a blanky.  It was about 100 degrees in the gym so we took her pants off and the cold water bottle felt good against her skin.  She was so comfy on Aunt Sharon!

Figured since the cameras were out, we'd attempt a family picture.  It's not great, but better than nothing.  Tyler was embarrassed :)

When we got home, I had the pleasure of going to the laundry mat again.  Hopefully our washer will be fixed Tuesday.  Why do I hate the laundry mat so much?  Well, besides it costing money, let me give you a hint...

Enough said?  I think so.


  1. Nice pictures and glad Kyla was able to see her first vb game.

  2. I think that family picture is cute!

    I love that sign haha...nothing like doing your laundry with rats to make the whole experience more enjoyable :-)


  3. It was super seeing you today! Thanks again for coming to the game. I loved holding Kyla and snuggling with her and the water bottle, pepsi bottle, two phones and once in a while her real toys.

  4. why did we not take a family picture for you when we were there last weekend?