September 13, 2011

G is for Gianna, glitter and green!

Gianna came over today and like usual, we had a blast.  She's so sweet and well behaved.  She would be happy doing just about anything.  We played this morning until Kyla went down for a nap around 9:30.  Then we got our canvas painting project out.  Joeylee from Sweet N Sassy Girls did a tape painting project here that I thought was adorable.  I decided to use tape to put a G on the canvas (for Gianna, of course).

Usually I would use masking tape, as it would be much easier.  But with a letter with curves like a G, it would be hard to curve the masking tape to make the letter.  So I improvised (with the help of Tyler).  We put several pieces of duct tape on the kitchen floor, making sure they were overlapping.

With a sharpie, I drew a big G on the tape.

Then I carefully took the tape off the floor and cut out the G.  I put it on the canvas and we were all ready for Gianna to paint!

I let her pick out what colors she wanted to use.  I think she made good choices :)  We made sure to talk about how green starts with a G too!

At first she just wanted to paint ON the G.  I told her we didn't want to have any white space left and then she got it.  She did such a great job!

Oops, forgot the paint shirt.  Better late than never :)

Letting it dry...

Finished product after taking the tape off...

What else starts with G?  Glitter, of course!  Adding a little sparkle to her masterpiece...

More glitter glue fun...

I got our dry erase board down from the fridge for Gianna to draw on.  We practiced making G's.  I showed her twice and she was already making a perfect capital G.  Such a smart girl!

I wish I had a tape recorder with me on our way to Target.  Gianna was seriously cracking me up.  Let me try to reenact the conversation:

Gianna:  I have to look for my birthday shirt at Target.  I wear a 10 shirt. (Her birthday isn't until May by the way)
Me:  You do?  Wow, you're a big girl!
Gianna:  Yeah and I wear 80 pants and size 12 shoes.
Me:  Whoa, 80 pants?
Gianna:  Yep.
Gianna:  I love your car Auntie.  I wish we could have your car.
Me:  I'll trade you guys.  I'll have the Jeep and you can have my car.  How does that sound?
Gianna:  Good, you can have the Jetta too (sweet deal for me).
Gianna:  I had fun in Paul's truck.
Me:  Grandpa Paul?
Gianna:  Yeah, do you know him?
Me:  Yeah, he's my Grandpa.
Gianna:  Cool, he's my Grandpa too.
Gianna:  I love my Grandma Barb and Grandpa Jack.
Me:  Aww, that's nice.  I love them too.
Gianna:  Auntie, when did you and Uncle get married?
Me:  July 15, 2006
Gianna:  And when was Kyla born?
Me:  January 9, 2011
Gianna:  I was born on May 5th.  When were you born?
Me:  October 3rd.
Gianna:  Who did you buy your house from?
Me:  I don't remember their names.
Gianna:  We bought our house from Josephine.  Do you know him? (it's a girl)
Me:  No, I don't know her.
Gianna:  Oh, she's nice.
Gianna:  Can you turn the music up?  I love this song.

She also said to me while I was making her lunch, "I suppose you want me to babysit Kyla while you make lunch?" 

The girl is hilarious!  After lunch (we may have also had some Green M&M's to go with our G theme) she wanted to put Kyla's hat on before going to the park...

Haha, Gianna so proud of herself and Kyla thinking 'What the heck is going on here Mom?'

Silly girl

My cutie patootie

Thanks for another fun day Gianna!  I hope you had a GGGGGGreat time at Auntie's :)


  1. This is soooo precious! Such great memories you will have!
    Love you-Sharon

  2. Kids do say the darnedest things...nice to see the cousins playing together. Of course Kyla looks more like a victim than a playmate...

  3. the painting came out so cute, I'll have to do the letter painting with Kaylee.

    Sweet N Sassy Girls

  4. So cute! I want you to be my Auntie :-P


  5. LOL...totally cracked up while I was reading the stories!!! She is a pistol, can't imagine where she gets it from :) Love the "G" and love the expression on Kyla's face after Gianna finally got the hat on, priceless!!! Thanks again for a fabulous day!

  6. What a wonderful idea! Those are two cute little girlies!

    I got my necklace. Thank you so much! I love it!