September 3, 2011

Food, family & fun

Well, it pretty much rained all day for our family cookout.  But we still had a great time.  We got about a 20 minute break from the rain, which was perfect for the scavenger hunt I had planned for my nieces and cousin Skyler.  I was going to be really sad if they didn't get to do it because I knew they'd have a lot of fun (and I worked hard on all the clues, haha) :)

I didn't take tons of pictures throughout the day, but got a couple good ones from the hunt.

Getting started...

Reading the next clue...

To get their next clue, they had to do 5 jumping jacks with Uncle/Cousin Mark.  Looks like Mark was the only one doing them though...

Take a picture with Grandpa/Uncle Todd.

Give your moms and dads a hug and tell them you love them.  Each parent had a piece of the next clue.

Putting the puzzle pieces together so they could read it.

They were supposed to do the chicken dance with Uncle Ted before getting their next clue from him.  Well, they saw the clue in his back pocket so they were trying to get off easy :)

Uncle Ted is such a fun uncle.  Thanks for being a good sport, Ted!

Opening their prizes (pink journals with pencils and an eraser).

There were 18 clues altogether all around the house.  I think they had a lot of fun because as soon as we got inside they asked me if I'd create another one.  Instead I helped them create some hunts for the adults.  They loved that!

I'm hoping we can do this every summer.  It's so nice to see everyone!  And now I have a feeling they'll be some high expectations for next year's scavenger hunt.  Kyla will be able to run around with them too.  I didn't take one picture of Ky today, can you believe that?  So to avoid being the worst Mommy ever, I must post two pictures from yesterday.

The girl LOVES her Daddy!  She sits at the highchair during dinner and doesn't need any food or toys to make her happy.  She just sits here and smiles/laughs at Tyler.

Her new thing is to crawl (by crawl I mean scoot, roll & grunt her way) over to the jumper and try to pull herself up.  The other day she was on her back and grabbing this pole and pulling herself up so her back was off the ground.  

What a great day!  Thank you to all the Wilson's for coming over!


  1. Thank you for everything yesterday! The girls had so much fun doing the scavenger hunt and playing together in Kyla's room!! It is always a good time when family is together!!! Thanks again for everything, love you guys <3

  2. Looks like you did a good job Amy! Kyla is so lucky to have such a great mommy.