September 16, 2011

Breaking News!

We have a crawler!  She doesn't totally have it mastered, but she's definitely crawling.  When she takes her time and goes slow, she can go the distance of the living room.  But she usually spots something that she really wants, takes off like a mad woman, and face plants into the carpet.  She crawled all the way across the living room today and got my cell phone.

She's growing up so fast!  Last night she apparently wasn't happy with the toys I had out for her so she crawled over to her toy bag and was digging in it.  She had almost every toy pulled out.  It was then that I realized how much she's growing up and is getting so independent.

Oh, and then she decided she wanted to act like a dog or a wolf or whatever else eats rabbits...

Such a happy girl!

All bundled up for our walk!

Kyla is probably going to get really mad at me for this some day, but she has some serious bed head in the mornings!

We went to Applebee's today to meet my friend Bethany and her mom for lunch.  It was so great to see her!  She was my best friend in college and she lives in Ohio now so I don't see her much.  It was her first time seeing Kyla.  Kyla was such a good girl.  She loves to just sit in the high chair and look around.

Bethany and Kyla

And now just some cute pictures of Kyla and I playing around...

Trying to climb on me to get my camera

Trying to pull herself up

She has started feeding herself puffs and she LOVES them!  I just love watching her chew and swallow.  Again, can't believe how much she's growing up!

I'm afraid to say this because I may jinx myself, but she slept through the night last night without waking up.  Please, please, please let that continue!  And sending positive sleeping thoughts to two of my favorite mommy bloggers for little Brielle and Keira to sleep through the night for their mommies.

The Lion King came out in 3D today for two weeks only.  Who's excited?  I am!  And Tyler is!  We were going to go regardless, but we thought it would be fun (and less embarrassing) to take Emma and Gianna.  Gianna might be a little young, but I think she'll just enjoy going to the theatre with Auntie & Uncle.  And a little popcorn and candy never hurts ;)  Hope their Mom isn't reading this!  We're taking them tomorrow afternoon and my mom is going to watch Kyla.  I'm so excited.  Lion King is one of my favorite Disney movies.

In other news, we have hired someone to finish the dry wall in the basement and do the taping and mudding.  We're hoping they're done next week and we can paint next weekend.  Making progress.  I like it!

I'm slowly changing things and trying new things on here so don't judge if it doesn't look the greatest.  I really want a fun, new design for the blog, but don't want to spend money to do it.  I'm sick of looking at the boring pink background, anyone with me?  I'll slowly but surely make it better.

Have a great weekend!


  1. Way to go Kyla! Nice picture of Bethany and Kyla.

  2. I'm so sorry to have introduced her to the cell phone. I'm sure it will be her favorite toy now no thanks to me! I love your blog and it doesn't matter what color.
    Enjoy the Lion King you lucky ducks!
    Love Sharon

  3. Yay! Awesome job Kyla!!!

    My MIL is taking my two girls to Lion King this weekend too. Kind of worried how Willow will do! I would have loved to have gone (it's my FAVORITE Disney movie) but I HAVE to get the basement all painted before Sunday is over so Joe can start getting the floor down Monday night.

    Have a great weekend!

  4. I saw that cute pink and brown apple outfit at Target and really wanted to buy it, but refrained. Now I think I'm definitely going to have to get it next time I'm in town because it looks so cute on Kyla!! :-)