September 11, 2011

50 things you may not know about me

A couple of my blog friends have done this so I jumped on the bandwagon and saved it for a day where I didn't have much to post about.  Boring, lazy Sunday here today, but that's ok :)  Anyway, here are 50 random things about me...

1.  I sometimes drink milk out of the gallon because I'm the only one that drinks it.

2.  I love junk food.

3.  I do crazy things in my sleep.  Walk, talk, freak out because I think I forgot to feed Kyla, you name it, I've probably done it.

4.  I use baby shampoo because it doesn't make my hair greasy.

5.  I had braces for 3 1/2 years.

6.  I love reality tv.

7.  I used to love scary movies in high school, but now I refuse to watch them.

8.  I'm scared of the dark.

9.  I drink a soda a day, can't go without it.

10.  I used to love salty treats, but ever since I got pregnant with Kyla, it's turned to sweets.  LOVE chocolate!

11.  I used to love flying, now I tend to panic.

12.  I can't sleep without a fan.

13.  I hate driving.

14.  I am a Godmother to my niece, Gianna.

15.  I collect Willow Trees.

16.  I am a horrible cook.

17.  I love sleeping even though I rarely do it anymore.

18.  I printed the application for Big Brother once, but decided not to apply because I am too boring.

19.  I've been to Italy and Greece.

20.  I am still a Brett Favre fan and always will be.

21.  I used to go to my aunt and uncles in Illinois every summer to babysit my cousin, Kirsten.

22.  I've had 3 surgeries.  4 if you count wisdom teeth.

23.  We went to Hawaii for our honeymoon.

24.  My favorite movie is Goonies and I can recite pretty much the entire thing.

25.  I get really annoyed with grammatical errors on Facebook.

26.  I grew up on a farm.

27.  I got sick for about the first 18 weeks while pregnant with Kyla.

28.  I usually dress in comfy pants and a t-shirt every day, but I love getting dressed up once in awhile.

29.  I don't use an alarm clock, I let my sweet baby wake me up.

30.  I don't have any pets and don't want any.

31.  My favorite holiday is Christmas.

32.  I was 9 days early with Kyla.

33.  I played the clarinet from 5th to 8th grade.

34.  I had a blast in college and miss my friends a lot.

35.  My grandma Eunice used to call me Flossy.

36.  I can't drive at night.  My eyes play tricks on me.

37.  I want to have four kids.

38.  I played college basketball for two years.

39.  I wear contacts.

40.  Growing up, I always knew I wanted to be a teacher.

41.  I've never dyed my hair.

42.  I love taking hot bubble baths.

43.  I wish I was more creative.

44.  I don't know how to swim.  I could probably doggie paddle my way out of trouble though :)

45.  I'm pretty shy around most people except my family.

46.  I got myself and my brother sprayed by a skunk when I was little.

47.  Tyler and I went to Indianapolis for the Big Ten basketball tournament in 2010, took 2011 off, but really want to go back in 2012.

48.  I was the Customer Service Manager for before becoming a SAHM.

49.  I have two older brothers who talked me into licking batteries when I was little.  Haha, maybe Mark was getting me back for getting him sprayed by the skunk.

50.  I just wasted a half hour trying to come up with crap that you probably didn't know about me and probably didn't care :)

My mom and step dad are celebrating their 12th wedding anniversary today.  Happy anniversary Mom and Brian!  I love you guys!


  1. Lol! Love the brother ones......they are a piece of work!

  2. I'm a complete sweets/junk food addict too!

    What exactly is I went there but couldn't quite tell and now I'm curious :-)