September 30, 2011

I got ask, I'll tell!

Surprisingly, I have absolutely nothing to write about today.  I'm sure I could bore you with basement progress or how Kyla and I went and used some coupons that were expiring or how I was productive cleaning today and sprayed my table with swiffer duster stuff and some got on the floor and wiped out...but it's Friday and who really cares, right?

So I thought I'd change things up and have you tell me to write about.  My blogger friend, Shawna, did this a few weeks ago and I thought it was a great idea.  Check her blog out here.

I want you guys, my lovely readers, to ask me questions or suggest my next blog topics.  Is there something you want to know about me?  Where did Tyler and I meet?  Where did we come up with the name Kyla?  Will we have more kids?  Maybe you want me to write about a certain topic.  My favorite baby products?  Do you have a fun activity for me to try with Kyla or Gianna when she comes over?

Leave me a comment and let me know!  You're all so kind to read my blog and now I want to give you some say in what you read :)  Feel free to leave as many comments as you wish.  I probably won't have too many play along, but hopefully I'll get a few fun ideas.  You don't have to be a follower of my blog to do this.  Just leave me a comment "Anonymously".  You may have to click a few times to submit your comment.  It's dumb like that sometimes.  I'd love for you to leave your name so I know who to thank, but it's not mandatory.

I can't wait to read your questions and ideas!  There's gotta be something you're wondering...

Here are a couple pictures of my little coupon eater helper...

September 29, 2011

Seriously Thursday?!

I'm linking up with Becky at From Mrs. to Mama for Seriously?! Thursday.

Here's what's making me go SERIOUSLY?! today:

1.  Seriously, it's only Thursday?  All night last night felt like Friday.  Why is this week dragging?

2.  Kyla is becoming more of a Mommy's girl by the day!

3.  I'm so pumped about Saturday!  I'm going to the Brewer playoff game and should be back in time to watch the Badger game!

4.  I'm loving Dancing With the Stars!  I needed a break from the Bachelor.  My favorites are J.R., Kristin and Hope.  I hope Rob does well too because well, let's face it, I like reality tv'ers and I like Cheryl.  Sorry Nancy or Chaz, I think you need to go home next.  Who are you rooting for?

5.  I seriously need to get caught up with Grey's Anatomy online today (not likely).  And make sure my DVR actually records it tonight!

6.  Seriously, Kyla thinks I am the funniest person ever today.  She's so giggly and I love it!

7.  Seriously, what is it about the hot dog dance?  Kyla will be busy playing, climbing on Daddy, whatever, and as soon as she hears Mickey say let's do the hot dog dance, she stops everything and stares at the tv.  And smiles.  And shakes her arms and legs.  And I have to admit, Tyler and I did the hot dog dance the other night.  I was Minnie, he was Mickey.  Haha.  He's going to kill me.

8.  As soon as Tyler gets home tonight, I'm putting on my painting clothes, turning some tunes on downstairs, and going at it!  Well, actually just priming first, but I'm still excited!

What made you go SERIOUSLY?! this week?

September 28, 2011

(Almost) Wordless Wednesday

She loves rolling her new Badger volleyball around.  Pretty soon we'll teach passing :)

Feeding herself puffs

She was doing this last night and fell and got a bloody lip.  I thought it might be swollen today, but it wasn't.

How many toys does an 8 month old girl need?

It's quite possible her lip is swollen and I just can't tell with these cheeks :)

We went to see my Grandpa in the manor today and stopped at GG Barb's house.  Kyla's cousins Hayden and Finley were there.  She LOVED them!  We had fun playing I Spy in Grandma's living room (except they call it the sign game).

Kyla and GG Barb

Doing a headstand...My mom said today she thought Kyla's thighs were trimming down.  Based on this picture, I would have to disagree, haha :)

She was SO happy to see Daddy tonight!  As soon as he walked in the door, she started crawling to him as fast as she could with a big smile on her face.  So sweet :)

September 27, 2011

My Wishes for Kyla

I read this blog and it made me think about what I want to teach Kyla as she grows into a young woman and what I hope she'll remember from us as she eventually moves out on her own and has her own family.  So I created this list for her and I hope she'll always take these things with her.

To my beautiful Kyla,

~Always know how much your Daddy and I love you.  We prayed and prayed for you and the day you were born was the happiest day of our lives.  We will love you and be there for you every single day, no matter what!

~Always be yourself and don't worry about what others think.

~Always treat others with respect.  

~Give back to others.

~Be open minded and non judgmental.  Everyone has their own story and one is not better than the others.

~Thank God every day.

~Work hard and never give up.

~Follow your dreams and never settle for less.

~Remember the sign hanging in our kitchen.  "Do one thing every day that makes you happy."  


~Surround yourself with good people who treat you with respect.

~Know that it's ok to make mistakes.  That is how you will learn and grow and become a better person.

~Don't be afraid to apologize.

~Always listen to your heart.

~Don't be afraid to call your Mom and Dad for help or advice or just for someone to talk to.
~Find a husband with the same loving qualities as your Daddy.  

~Cherish every day.  You never know what tomorrow will bring.

~No matter what your Daddy tells you, we NEVER root for the Bears!

Creating this list made me realize that it is so easy to take things for granted.  It made me realize that I need to remember these things myself so I can be a role model for Kyla.   It made me realize what's really important in life.

September 26, 2011

I have a bone to pick with all of you...

So, my lovely readers...

Tyler posted last night as my guest blogger and guess what happened to my traffic?  It almost doubled!  His Mr. Mommy post was by far the most read since I've started this little blog.  I know I'm boring, but really?  Talk about a blow to the ego!  Tyler tried making me feel better by saying it was just because it was a Sunday night and nobody had anything to do.   I'm not buying it...

I had a great day yesterday and as you know, took the day off from blogging.  I love weekends, but I especially love them because Tyler lets me sleep in and gets up and takes care of Kyla.  A lot of times I will get up with her the first time and when she goes down for a nap, I go back to bed.  Then Tyler gets up with her when she wakes up again.  But Tyler is the type of person that can't really sleep in (weirdo) so he often just gets up with her right away.  Me, on the other hand, well I can sleep anytime, except at night when I'm supposed to.

So I slept in and then got ready to go shopping with my mom.  We had a great time.  We only went for some work pants for my mom, but of course we came home with much more.  I got some Fall decorations, a dress for Kyla for my cousin's wedding in October and some jeans and a sweater.  Success!  Thanks, Mom!  We should maybe do that every weekend!  The one thing I forgot to get was some soap from Bath & Body.  I'm obsessed with the foam soap.  Bummer, I guess Kyla and I have to go to the mall this week ;)

I also did some online shopping lately and got a nice, beautiful box from Carter's on our doorstep today.  They had a huge sale on baby stuff and my cousin sent me a $10 online coupon.  Thanks Erica!  I got all this for $65.  Kyla is set!

Sorry the pictures stink.  I forgot my camera at my mom's on Saturday (at least I hope so because I can't find it) so these are with my phone and I was taking them as fast as I could because my little stinker was making a mad dash for them and putting them in her mouth.

Our basement is finally ready for paint!  I'm so excited!  Except I have no idea when we're actually going to be able to do it.  This weekend is the big Badger game and hopefully Brewer playoff game.  Sunday we were going to go to the pumpkin patch for my birthday.  I really want to take Kyla, but I'm wondering if we should skip it and paint all day.  And the following weekend we have plans too.  We could get a little bit done at night when Tyler gets home from work, but I don't see that working out too well (especially because it seems like he has meetings every night, grrr).  This is why I wanted to be able to paint this past weekend because we had no plans so could have got it all done.  Oh well.

So now that I just got off the phone with my good ole friends at Charter, you all get to hear my newest rant.  Remember when I told you that our DVR in our bedroom doesn't work?  Well, I hadn't called yet because I was waiting to get our bill so I could a) make sure we were actually getting charged extra and b) I needed our account number in order to call them.  Well, we're definitely getting charged $7 extra for the secondary DVR that has never worked.  So I call today and the lady has me turn the box on, off again, and back on.  Does it work now?  No, you idiot!  Can you unplug it and wait 30 seconds to plug it back in?  Oh, my pleasure!  Does it work now?  Wow, crazy...NO!  She then tells me that there are some outages in the area (which I do believe because we lost power here for about 20 minutes) that could be affecting our DVR box.  I then tell her that it has NEVER worked so I'm pretty sure it's not because of the outage.  She says Oh, can I put you on hold?  She comes back and says here's what we're going to do...I'm going to transfer you over to the outage call back list and you will get a phone call when the outage is over and then you can try it again.  If it still doesn't work, please call us back.  At this point, I laughed at her.  I'm usually very nice, but it was comical.  I reminded her that it clearly has nothing to do with the outage, but she said this is all she could do for me.

So now...when it doesn't work after this "outage" and I call it worth the hassle to have a secondary DVR or should I tell them to forget it and remove it from our bill and also remove last month's $7 since it didn't work then either?  I can't decide...I do love laying in bed watching my shows, but I'm not sure I can handle any more of their "troubleshooting".

I really do apologize if any of my readers work for Charter and for all of you for having to deal with my rants, but it helps me release my frustrations.

Don't worry, I will *probably* forgive you all for liking Tyler's post more than mine and post my Thirty-One giveaway next Monday!  Just don't let it happen again ;)

September 25, 2011

Mr. Mommy

Some guest blogger...

I would have hoped for a guest blogger who was a childhood friend of Amy's, or an author of books on childcare in the home- but you got me.  Discontinue reading now if you find the disappointment too overwhelming.

I'm far from Mr. Mommy, but I am happily married to Mrs. Mommy.  Speaking of her, as some of you may have come to know her slightly, she's quite the woman.  First and foremost, she had the genius idea of marrying me just over 5 years ago.  I'm amazed she said "yes" in the first place, but even 5 years later she's still hangin' around- what a trooper!!  All kidding aside, Amy is a fantastic friend and the only person I'd want to share my life with.  Not only that, but I'm really proud that she'll be the mother of my children, and here's hoping our kids get more of her traits than mine.  I've had the last 8 months to see that mother-mode in action, and if I were a teacher, she'd be getting A+'s, and gold stars.

Now to the the real star of the blog, little Kyla.  The day she joined our team was the happiest and scariest day of my life.  I've never been as scared as I was when the nurse was making Amy twist this way and that because Ky's heartbeat was slowing.  Shortly thereafter of course, came the happiest moment of my life when I caught the glimpse of my beautiful daughter.  The days since have flown by, and each day I come home to a different little girl.  First came a smile, then a tooth, then a giggle; I never know what I'll come home to next, but I look forward to it every day. 

It has only been recently where I've actually seen myself in that little cutie (no ego builder intended...).  Talk about a blessing and a curse.  I would think everyone would love to see a little of themselves in their children, but I certainly hate to have my little girl look anything like her old man in any way, shape or form.  Mommy has the looks in this family, I'm sure you already can tell that by some of the photos posted on this blog.

Having two brothers myself, being around nothing but women at home is definitely different.  Not that raising a son would be easier, but in my mind, I would have thought it'd had been better for me since I am familiar with boys in the family.  There's a lot of things about women/girls I don't know (or will ever know, along with 100% of all men), so naturally I'm feeling a little behind the eight ball.  As I mentioned above however, and have said many times before, when it comes to raising our children, my only real job is to not screw up- Amy's got things under control.

Well, I think my time blogging is through.  If anything, I hope you all weren't too disappointed, and I gave Amy the blogger a night off (no nights off for Amy the Mommy).  Since I'm at serious risk of having my man-card revoked as a result of all this family mushi-ness, I feel obligated to say some manly, or gross things just to save face.  So, here goes- hunting, beer, burp and fart.

Mrs. Mommy!!!  Get back here soon!!!

September 24, 2011

Wisconsin pride

How great is it to be a Wisconsin sports fan?  Badgers go to the Rose Bowl, Packers win the Superbowl and the Brewers just won the NL Central.  It doesn't get much better.  Well, actually it can get better, but we're not getting ahead of ourselves here...

Tyler went to the Badger game today and came home with gifts for his girls.  He said he couldn't turn this down for Kyla...

The Badgers play Nebraska next week in a HUGE game at Camp Randall so he said Kyla needed this for the big game :)

And I'm going to the first Brewer playoff game so Tyler bought me this.  What a sweetheart!  Who needs flowers or jewelry?  This is my kind of gift!

While Daddy was at the game today, Kyla and I went to my mom's to watch the game and play with her cousins.  She was so good, but decided she didn't need a nap so we came home a little early.  Tyler and his brother got home from the game and Kyla was SO wound up!  We've never seen her so crazy.  She was talking up a storm, crawling and climbing all over the place and panting like a dog.  She was definitely showing off for Uncle Trevor!  She got to bed a little later than usual, but she will hopefully sleep well tonight after all that hard work :)

I couldn't get any good pictures of her today because she was always on the move.  But I got this one tonight.  I had just taken her pigtails out so that explains the crazy hair!

On a very sad note, while I was in Darlington today at my mom's, I drove through town and instantly got goosebumps seeing all of the yellow ribbons all over town.  Earlier this week a Darlington soldier was killed in Afghanistan.  It was so neat to see the community come together to honor a true hero and one of their own.  He lost his life fighting for my family and for this country and I am grateful for his sacrifice.  Seeing all of those ribbons made me very proud to be from such a great, small town!

September 23, 2011

Snooze fest...

I just sat here and looked at this blank screen for a few minutes and realized I am incredibly boring.  I apologize to all of you that I have absolutely nothing exciting to write about ever today.  So here goes a bunch of randomness...

I went to boot camp last night and am now paying for it.  You'd think I haven't worked out in weeks for how sore I am.  Oh wait...

So guess who was so excited for the new Grey's Anatomy last night?  Me!  And guess who's DVR failed her and didn't record it?  Mine!  Guess who's really ticked off about it?  ME!  It's gotta be Charter's fault!  I would never set it up wrong.  Nope, never.  I'm blaming it on Charter.  Don't worry, they deserve it!

I made myself go to bed at 10:00 last night.  It was the first time in a LONG time that I went to bed before Tyler.  Too bad he was still sleeping before I was.  I don't know what my problem is.  I felt so tired, but was still rolling around wide awake at 11:30.  It's so frustrating!

No painting for us this weekend.  They aren't done with the dry wall yet.  They're coming back tomorrow morning between 7:00 and 8:00 and will finish up the taping and mudding I guess and then he said something about someone coming on Monday to spray on the finishing texture.  Bummer!

Can you tell I'm just a ball full of sunshine today?  I'm not sure if it's the musty smell coming from the basement or the lack of sleep or what, but I have a horrible headache!

Good thing my baby's cute...

We were having a picnic with all our friends.

She's not too sure about Bucky yet.

We took a ride to Culver's the other night and she fell asleep in the truck.  She always wakes up when we get her out of the car seat, but this is what happens when she skips her nap.  She's ready for bed at 5:30 pm!

New pj's and how cute are those socks from her Godmother, Kirsten?

I love this red fleece...thanks Allison!

Dancing with Momma

New outfit because my little heater was sweating in the red fleece

She loves climbing on me!

Have a great weekend :)