August 13, 2011

Tooth #3

The rain held off just long enough!  We had a good time at the volleyball tournament.  I think we ended up getting 4th out of 10 teams...not bad!  My cousin Kirsten and her friend played with us and their parents came up to watch.  They are a lot of fun!  I hope we can do it again next summer!  We decided to go for a walk when we got home and got about a block away and got drenched!  We ran home with the stroller.  Kyla loved it!

Kyla had a busy day playing with Grandma and was ready for bed before 8:00 tonight.  I was doing her bedtime lotion and noticed another tooth poking through!  She has two on the bottom and now the new one coming in on the top.  How exciting!

She has still been using her baby bath, but I think she's had just about enough of that thing.  She did not want to sit back tonight.  She wanted to sit up like a big girl and splash water all over the place.  I think she's ready for the big tub.  I just need to get something to put on the bottom so she doesn't slip around.

They did fireworks at the community picnic last night.  We had a perfect view from our backyard.  Kyla slept through the whole show.  Hopefully next year she'll be able to stay up for them.

She has tons of toys, but only wants to play with the calculator case.

Mommy took it away (I just wanted a good picture without the silly thing!)

Practicing for our 7 month pictures tomorrow...

Can't wait to share the pics with you all!  Crossing my fingers that she cooperates!

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