August 14, 2011

Pictures and Parks

Well, the pictures didn't go as well as I would have liked today.  We had about a 50 minute drive to get there and I was hoping Kyla would sleep the whole way so she'd be nice and smiley.  Wishful thinking!  She fell asleep about 5 minutes before we got there and was not happy about me waking her up.  She was OK while we were inside and then we decided to go outside.  I had her cute little sunglasses with me and that is the only thing that would stop her from crying.  So basically all the outside pictures have her sucking on her sunglasses.  Great!  But Judi, the photographer, said she got some really cute ones.  I can't wait to see them!

We went for a walk tonight and took Kyla to the park.  I was so mad that I forgot my camera.  Still getting used to this daily picture taking thing.  Figured my phone would do.  I got a few cute pictures, but it's really annoying to upload them to the computer because I don't get very good service so it takes FOREVER to email them.  I learned my lesson...never leave home without the camera! 

She LOVES the swing!


Look at those cheeks (Kyla's, not Tyler's) :)

Kisses for Momma!  She started doing this a lot to me the last couple of days.  She grabs my face and slobbers all over me.  I love it :)

Momma's girl

Tomorrow Emma comes to spend the night.  We are so excited!  I talked to her on the phone today to make sure she's still coming.  Tyler has a board meeting so I'm glad Emma will be here to help with Kyla and keep us company :)

I'm getting some views to my blog posts, but not many comments.  Please say hello once in awhile.  I even made it so anyone can comment without being a follower.  Be a follower though, it's the cool thing to do ;)

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  1. Oh, I bet your pics will be great! I always think that my girls don't cooperate the best for pics and the photographer always gets some good ones :-)