August 29, 2011

My Three Wishes

1.  I wish I knew how to sew.  I really want to take some classes somewhere.  I used to help my Grandma sew when I was little, but I lost any and all skills/knowledge from that.  I just really want to start with the basics - sewing a hole in a shirt, a button that fell off or hemming some pants and see where that takes me.  Stay tuned on this as I check out classes around Madison...

2.  I wish our basement was finished.  *Enter long sigh here*  Tyler said he wanted it done by Halloween, but I'd settle for Christmas.  It's been a long time coming and I cannot wait to have more living space, especially as Kyla gets bigger.  More room to play!  Here's what it looks like currently...

See my tiny little laundry room back there?  I don't mind that it's small, but I can't wait to not have to walk through this to get my clean clothes.

We've been dry walling ourselves (not me personally, I'm just the baby-watching food-provider), but Tyler is ready to hire the rest of it out.  We're waiting to hear back from a guy that was referred to us.  It's been a week so we're going to start calling around because this Momma is impatient!  Once the dry wall is finished, I can paint (yay!), we can get the trim work done, have the plumber and electrician come back to put their final touches on, carpet, light fixtures, furniture and bam, we're done!  I'd love to be able to decorate for Christmas down there.  We'll see.  Stay tuned on this one too...

3.  I wish I enjoyed cleaning.  I actually love to do laundry, which may be a little weird.  I think I enjoy it because I can sit down and watch tv while I fold the clothes.  It's relaxing to me.  But I despise ironing.  I will wait until I have a stack of Tyler's wrinkly work clothes and then finally give in one day.  I admit that sometimes it gets to the point where Tyler says "Do you know where all my khaki pants are?"  Oops, sorry, give me 15 minutes.  :)  I think I hate it because of all the Dick's Supermarket white collared shirts I had to iron growing up.  My mom and both my brothers worked there and I always got stuck ironing their shirts every day.  Haha, that's my excuse anyway.  So traumatic :)  Anyway, I don't mind the laundry (minus ironing) and vacuuming.  The rest, UGH!  Cleaning bathrooms and dusting?  The worst!  This is the one and only downfall of being a SAHM.  I realize I would still have to clean even if I was working, but I would at least have an excuse of why it didn't get done as often as it should.  Oh well, until I win the lottery and hire someone to clean, I'll keep on scrubbing (and complaining).

Sorry for the boring and Kyla-less post.  She still isn't feeling well and wasn't in the mood for pictures today.  She hopes you all understand :)


  1. Looks like whoever did that dry wall did a heck of a job! :) Its a good idea though to have a professional come in and finish it!

  2. I wish I knew how to sew too! There's so many cute patterns out there and I cant sew, good thing my mom knows how! she makes lots of stuff for the girls

    Sweet N Sassy Girls

  3. I can't do anything fancy ( one day I'll attempt pants LOL) but what I *can* do I self taught. Seriously, I had never in my life touched a sewing machine until just a few months ago! Get a basic machine and read the instruction manual...then practice practice practice. Make easy things like pillowcases and stuff (just sewing straight lines). You'd be surprised how many fun things you can sew knowing very very little!!

    Your basement is going to be so nice when it's done!!!


  4. Hey :-)

    Your "blog list" on the right hand side of your blog automatically lists the blogs you follow in order of most recently updated. So you can tell when one of the blogs you read updates by looking at your blog list from your own blog, and you'll see that a new entry is on top (and then underneath the blog name it says like "20 minutes ago" or say how long ago that blog updated.) That's how I know when one of the blogs I read has updated anyways :-)

    For the header I have on mine with the pictures I used's a free photo editing software you can download. That's how I edit all of my photos and stuff. Using Picasa you can make "collages" so I created a collage and lined up the photos in a line and then used the "text" feature to add the text for my blog name. Then I cropped it to size (I can't remember what size, but if you google how to make a blog header they will tell you the size it should be)....and then in blogger I just uploaded it as a normal picture. Hope that made a little sense....I'm not very good at that stuff myself so it was some trial and error until I got it to work!!


  5. Amy,

    Joe is busy working on our basement too! I can't wait for it to be done! It's a process, isn't it?

    Love your posts on here!!!